Here’s my answer to a day like today


Here's my answer to a day like today

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Elizabeth Licata

Elizabeth Licata has been a regular writer for  Garden Rant since 2007, after contributing a guest rant about the overuse of American flags in front gardens. She lives and gardens in Buffalo, N.Y., which, far from the frozen wasteland many assume it to be, is a lush paradise of gardens, historic architecture, galleries, museums, theaters, and fun. As editor of Buffalo Spree magazine,  Licata helps keep Western New Yorkers apprised about what is happening in their region. She is also a freelance writer and art curator, who’s been published in Fine Gardening, Horticulture, ArtNews, Art in America, the Village Voice, and many other publications. She does regularly radio segments for the local NPR affiliate, WBFO.

Licata is involved with Garden Walk Buffalo, the largest free garden tour in the US and possibly the world,and has written the text for a book about Garden Walk. She has also written and edited several art-related books. Contact Elizabeth: ealicata at


  1. No way this kind of temporary, quick fix solution would have been advocated for a gardening problem. Let’s have some gardening in the topic instead of a message that says that alcohol is the answer to a problem day. Many of us stay away from toxic chemicals that disrupt our personal ecosystems. Puritanical? Possibly, we have found alcohol has done a lot of damage to us biologically and otherwise.

  2. 1) I think the title to this post was “Here’s MY answer to a day like today” (capitals are mine), meaning Elizabeth’s answer.

    2) From the picture with the lovely garden in the background, I interpreted her day to have been wonderful–warm and sunny, with lots of gardening activity–and the drink as celebratory 🙂

    3)BooksInGarden, what’s your favorite post-gardening drink? I’m open to non-alcoholic beverages too. I’m not a gin drinker, but I favor a glass of wine or unsweetened ice tea (Earl Grey).

  3. Anne, My favorite post gardening drink is a cup of hot tea if the weather is cool enough. However, this ex-pat Brit is planted in southern California so my usual drink is cold water with a sprig of a garden herb, usually mint.
    I expect that Amy Stewart’s new book will be featured in this column – which is cool her book, her group blog. For too many, however, the message that an alcoholic drink is an “answer to a day like today” will be read as I read it. Thank you for the perspective of a normal person.

  4. BooksinGarden,

    Just to set the record straight, this is not Amy’s post. My personal blog is called gardening while intoxicated, and alcoholic drinks (which are all products of the earth in some way) have long been a part of my personal ecosystem. I often post about drinks in relation to the garden. I just didn’t want Amy to take the heat for something she had nothing to do with.


  5. Mmmmmm spiced rum with fresh Mariposa plum juice from the orchard. My favorite, well after spiced rum with fresh apricot nectar.

  6. Ooo… let’s rant, shall we?

    Because surely one gardener imbibing a bit of libation at the end of day is undeniably the coming of the apocolypse.


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