In my other life…


…I take care of Monet's garden.

Dream all about it here.


  1. When I went on my school trip to Paris this past Easter, one of the optional excursions was to Giverny, but for some reason my professor wouldn’t let us sign up for it. My friend and I were so disappointed. Monet really inspired me to work with oil pastels as a child.

  2. I still remember how I felt in 1984? when A Day in the Country exhibit of Impressionist paintings came to the LA County Museum of Art, and how I stayed in the Monet corner, wanting to step into those paintings, to see what lay just beyond.

  3. I was just there in June. The lagoon is really quite wonderful. I agree with Mr. Priest that the beds near the house could be updated. A potager, perhaps? I wonder if Monet had that.

  4. My sweet wife and I visited France last year for our 5th anniversary and made the trip to Giverny (plan to commit a full day to getting there, checking it out and getting back if you’re in Paris) and it was well worth it to see the garden and his house too.

    Was pleasantly surprised by the number of gardeners worknig there–must have see about 6 or 7 and it’s not a huge garden. Chatted with a couple of them and they were friendly. Could have spent more time there………

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