Off to Tucson!



In one of the more difficult gigs I've had to suffer through in recent memory, I'm off to Loews Ventana Canyon, a posh resort in Tucson–Tucson being a place that is (a) warm; (b) easily accessible by my BFF in Albuquerque; (c) sunny; (d) beautiful; and (e) home of good friend Scott Calhoun, who has promised to let me buy a round this time.

They've invited me out to be an Author-in-Residence for the weekend, which means that I will be giving a Wicked talk on Friday at 6:30 and otherwise doing authorial things like getting massages and ordering drinks with frilly umbrellas to be delivered poolside.

See you there?  Hope so!


  1. Oh, you evil thing. We’re all completely jealous. Have fun out there, and think of us poor Humboldtians out here in the fog while you’re getting all tanned and such in Tucson. Gosh, that place is gorgeous!


    Greetings from Phoenix.

    Curmudgeon – resorts have golf courses. It’s some sort of requirement down here. So yes, completely unsustainable.

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