An Evangelical Speaks


The perfect, rousing accompaniment for a cup of coffee this morning, a TED talk by Roger Doiron.  Doiron is the founder of Kitchen Gardeners International and a big force behind the White House vegetable garden, here doing his damnedest to make us all gardeners.


  1. KGI is another organization going nowhere. I joined found nothing worthwhile . Better off with slow food etc………….
    The White House Garden is a joke. Symbolism over substance…………………………

    an OCCUPY A GARDEN/Farm movement would do far more

    the TROLL

  2. I think what a lot of people don’t realize about vegetable and fruit gardening is that it becomes a war against the critters. Most people don’t have the stomach for trapping and killing small cute creatures. Maybe a future rant for one of your writers…

    In the San Jose area, Master Gardeners are already doing a lot of the stuff he is talking about.

  3. I would never trap or kill animals. I have a McGregor’s fence around my vegetable garden. It runs off a 9 volt battery and has been completely effective at keeping small animals out….including a family of groundhogs that lives about 20 feet away.

  4. I love this presentation. I wish I could put something like this together when I get asked to talk about gardening.

    If you garden in a big way, harvesting is also a big time suck that rarely gets talked about. People always wonder why I don’t cook more often. Its kinda hard to do when you come home from work and rush out to the garden to work until sundown. Its not like those green beans pick themselves.

    Bird predation is also a problem in my yard that a fence won’t fix. Even with a 7.5 foot deer fence I have small mammal problems. I’m switching to wire and going up to 8 feet. I can’t believe a 9 volt battery would deter any of the beasts in my yard.

  5. I had to completely cover my garden at my new house with bird nettig in order to keep the sparrows from cutting my greens and seedlings down to the ground. Now I just have to figure out a way to keep the squirrels out of the guava tree.

  6. There is even electric fencing that runs off of solar. I bought such a rig, but never used it.

    Cage wire buried a foot deep did the trick for me.

    And for all those people who say home gardening is impossible because fencing is required, I say, do the math. A handsome cedar fence around my large garden cost $3000. My family of five saved more than that on groceries in one single year.

  7. Some neighborhoods don’t allow fences. Some restrict them to the back yards. It baffles me the HOAs that demand perfectly groomed shrubs but prohibit fencing to keep the deer out of the yard.

  8. For those who will not kill animals, I assume you are a vegetarian. So are those critters! Share the bounty.
    (For the omnivores among us, google “venison”, for recipes. And rabbit, and groundhog. Four and twenty blackbirds, baked in a pie?)

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