We Have A Winner…



Thanks for the great comments. Gene wins for cheerfully admitting to slaying large trees by over-pruning. I am sure he will make the best possible use of this book–and his neighborhood will soon be pollarded and cloud-pruned into oblivion. Gene, please send your address to mchlowens@yahoo.com, and I'll have Timber Press get you a copy.


  1. Well, how many man-hours of pruning with: electrical/gas/oil pruners, hand or lopers will this art work take? How many times a month, year?
    What will it cost, to maintain, in brief?

  2. there’s a tremendous amount can be done by hand with pruners and handsaws. depending on what you’re going for – can be as little as an hour, two or three times a year, for twenty years. Cost is your labor and tools, i can create shapes with pruners and scissors, hedgers not necessary – but quicker. i think this type of pruning requires tremendous patience – i’ve started with fingerlings, and fully expect my “vision” not to be realized in my lifetime – i’m ok with that, because i can see it in my head.

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