Chicken Encyclopedia–We Have a Winner


Who could resist?  The Chicken Encyclopedia goes to Lisa Beckman for her totally charming chicken story.  Thanks for playing, everybody!


This isn't about our chickens but rather my neighbors who also raise meat goats. Just the other day she came home to frantic children because one of the mommy goats was in process of deliverying a kid and it was stuck. Unfortunately, it was stuck for so long that it took my neighbor gall 20 minutes of pulling to extract the little guy only to discover it had died. She went to the barn to get the shovel to bury the little guy and was detained for about 20 minutes, that when she returned the little baby goat was nowhere. She searched everywhere and noticed there were no chickens outside and in fact it was awful quiet. Looking in the chicken house she discovered the now alive baby goat snuggled in the chicken house, with her 10 plus chickens laying on it, near, beside it giving it warmth with their feathers fanned out over it, as if in a blanket. Happy to report "Mr Jack" the baby goat is alive, happy and doing well with his 10 chicken mothers since his own has abandoned him entirely.


  1. Oh, I wish I had seen that post and entered! I have a story about our chicken, Dinner, getting stolen from our backyard by someone who (a) replaced her with a watermelon and (b) stole her in order to trade to an itinerant Scandinavian tattoo artist for a tattoo. After we got word out through the grapevine that we were, in fact, really upset about this and had filed a police report, Dinner was returned. Apparently our then-purloined eggs, plus a case of beer, were then used to trade for said tattoo.

    (That is a 100% true story from Portland, Oregon [where else?]. There’s a little bit more to it than that, but not much!)

  2. This is a beautiful story–I was worried at the beginning that the chickens took the baby goat to eat.

    The Portland chicken Dinner story was also highly entertaining (and educational–ha!)

    I would LOVE to publish stories like these in Greenwoman Magazine. Write me!

  3. Wonderful, wonderful story. This is laugh out loud good.
    Another thing I love about all gardeners..we are ‘all ears’ when it involves ‘nature’ taking over and doing it’s best.

    Thank you!

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