Lawns in the News, and Flower-Arranging Comes to PBS


TV Show about Lawns in Development

We’ve been ranting for years now about the dearth of gardening shows on TV, so imagine my surprise to hear there’s a new show about lawns coming from Country Music Television!  Yeah, I’d never heard of them, either, but I’m told they’re the producers of “Cupcake Wars.”  So, Lawn Wars?

Close!  Here’s the working title:  “Redneck Lawn Wars.”  Seriously.  I couldn’t possibly make that up.

This news came to me via email from a staffer looking for “over-the-top creative lawns that are sort of the mouthpiece for owners and show off their obsession with their favorite sport, beer, musician, hobby, etc…like a team mascot cut or spray painted into their lawn.”  The attached flyer gives these examples:

You love Elvis…your shrubs are shaped like Elvis.

You’re a fan of Nascar…you have a mini-Talladega shaved into your lawn, with your shrubs shaped like Kyle Busch’s M&M car.

You go to every Bluegrass festival; your grass is blue, with images of fiddles, banjos & mandolins worked into it.

You consider yourself to be Hugh Hefner…You have a 10-foot Playboy bunny symbol etched into your lawn.  your bushes are shaped as…well, bushes. 😉

It’s enough to make me miss even the stupidest of  instant garden make-overs on HGTV.

Scotts Miracle-Gro donates to Romney

The donation itself comes as no surprise, but this article does include some tidbits about the company that I wouldn’t have predicted.

  • Instead of hiding behind a PAC, Scotts took the unusual step of donating “in the light of day” and suffering any potential blowback from customers.  Sure enough, the Washington Post reporter found a few disgruntled fertilizer shoppers in D.C.
  • Scotts chairman and CEO James Hagedorn has taken controversial stands before, like firing workers who refused to quit smoking.  Would not have predicted that, but hey, it sure helps the bottom line to eliminate smokers from the health insurance pool.
  • And Hagedorn’s practically a wild card politically, having supported Democrat Ted Strickland in his successful bid to be governor of Ohio.

New Flower-Arranging Show Launches

Finally, a bit of good news for us flower-lovers – the launch on the new public television show “Flower Empowered” featuring floral designer Sarah von Pollaro.  Her approach is “floral design for anyone, on a budget.”  Sounds good to me.

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Susan Harris

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  1. Giant Corporations don’t care about either failed Ideology. What they care about is who will give them a better bottomline in the end. Monsanto is supported wholehearted by both parties no matter who comes to power. ALL appointments to FDA, USDA, etc are generally former Monsanto hierarchy.

    I haven’t watched HGTV since 2001. Did watch it last year when my wife and I came to visit mum in California from Sweden, but I was disppointed with alot of the social political correctness crap. I like gardening not someone’s lifestyle or political convictions. I’m glad I’ve never been part of either side. I’ll be glad when the News isn’t reflective anymore of the hatefest going on over there just before elections.

    After that maybe folks can get back to discussing gardening and landscaping.


  2. How about “Garden Survivor” as a TV concept? A group of gardeners are left to manage an exotic garden together, and each week one gets voted out. Sounds kind of Biblical, actually. It could be called “Expulsion from Paradise”!

  3. As a woman concerned with my healthcare, and who will be relying on what SSI and Medicare I can get in a decade or so, you couldn’t pay me to vote for the GOP Presidential ticket.

    What has been said here about Scott’s ingredients, I’m tossing, and no longer buying, any of their products. Their endorsement is just icing on the (cup)cake.

  4. Man I was just contemplating on creative mowing to have a “G” created on my lawn before the season opener of the Packers. Not creative enough. Back to the drawing board!

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