Speaking of TED Talks…


…as we were the other day…what do you people think about window farming?  Worthwhile?  Silly? Is this a lot of effort for a salad or a few strawberries? Or is it revolutionary?




  1. Awesome. I have half an acre and do not have to “do windows”. But I am enthralled by people growing their own, cutting down on consumerism, adding oxygen to their apartment, etc.

  2. Global collaboration with the intention of improving quality of life–good. Open source development of useful technology–good. Finally, passionate young people actively involved in gardening, no matter how little space they have–good. Who cares if they each only get one strawberry? They’re learning! And, my guess is, eventually they will teach us a thing or two. What’s not to like?

  3. It may only yield a few strawberries and tomatoes but as long as its an enjoyable process for the individual then that’s what matters. As a bonus it may even add character and life into the building as well increasing oxygen. A great idea and quite possibly revolutionary to those in urban areas who want to exercise their green thumbs.

    James @ Capital Gardens

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