WATCH! Espoma’s brutal takedown of Scotts Miracle-Gro


In just 80 seconds it manages to be bold, provocative, and ballsy, to quote Paul Tukey on the Safe Lawns blog.   He reports that this ad was the talk of Chicago at the recent Independent Garden Center Show there.  I just bet!

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(And yes, it closely resembles a famous ad by Macintosh.)


  1. I often wonder what is in those chemical fertilizers you see spread across sidewalks from careless homeowners and ‘green’ professionals after feeding their lawns. It has a smell that is strong and offensive, to the point it makes your eyes water. Now my dog is sick after walking her around the neighborhood and I wonder what she’s picked up on her paws. No pet food recalls out there so is it a Smoking gun or coincidence, you tell me? They have my support and my money!

    • When I was landscape supervisor for a San Diego Property Management Company, I refused to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. I rather opted for mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria to colonize plant roots.

      Unfortunately grass was a little different. The owners of the properties want green lawns and demanded that the synthetic fertilizers used. The problem with lawns is after cutting them, the clippings are taken away and nutrients are not allowed to break down and go back to the soil, so you have to replace them. In the old days sheep or cattle were used on great estates and public park lwans, even the White House Lawns. These animals grazed and pooped all in the same area and this technically replicated what happens in nature. That has radically changed as you know,

      I was always conscious and aware of the spillover of synthetic pellets being cast into the streets and sidewalks where rain showers would wash them into storm drains. Multiply this X 10s of thousands in large cities like Los Angeles and you have polluted water sources and that is just from this one source.

      Common agricultural grade phosphate fertilizers usually contain impurities such as fluorides, cadmium and uranium. Inorganic synthetic fertilizers are now produced in ways which theoretically cannot be continued indefinitely by definition as the resources used in their production are non-renewable. Potassium and Phosphorus come from mines, several of which ruin the landscape when it is stripped. Artificial nitrogen fertilizers are typically synthesized using fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal, which are limited resources. Most of the synthetics don’t have the trace elements either.

      Mycorrhizae fungi actually mine the soil for these very things and do an incredibly effective job. Of course this has been going on for countless thousands of years, but they unfortunately DO NOT make big corporations and their impatient investors any profit. Amazingly there are many studies that prove the benefits of actually replicating nature. Can you imagine how different the natural world would have been now if Ecology had had it’s own multi-billion$ of funding for it’s own “Manhattan Project” ?

    • I’m not sure what you mean by ripoff. One way or another, who cares. The ad is effective in exposing the death technology of profit obsessed Corporate Bohemoths coupled with decades of indoctinated Kool-Aid sucking saps who’ve bought into the “Green Revolution” 1950s lie.

      Most of this technology came out of World War II where science excelled at utilizing chemicals for bigger and better bombs. After the war they found ways to stay in business by pimping these same chemicals which were now going to save the world rather than destroy it. Looking at the sad state of health today of the natural world, it was clearly a lie.

      They deserve to be exposed for what they are.

    • A disclaimer to that effect was already posted just below the video. “(And yes, it closely resembles a famous ad by Macintosh.)”

  2. People have been commenting about how this is a “rip-off” of the Apple ad, but clearly Espoma knew that the audience would get the reference. Their ad is so closely modeled after the Mac ad (with a few clever substitutions like the soccer player running on grass) that I’m guessing they were banking on the audience going back and remembering the launch of the Mac. The implication is that their lawn care products will be equally revolutionary. let’s hope.

  3. I must go check on their products.
    I looked at some of their other videos. In one, the speaker is clearly reading something above the level of the camera…

    • To be honest I don’t know anything about this company or their products. I’m not a soil amendment person at all when it comes to planting and establishing trees and shrubs. It’s a waste of money.

      However, plants like ruderals, which are your vegetables, flower gardens, even annual weeds all grow in nature in flood plains, valleys and alluvial fans where nutrients from higher ground flow downwards during rainy seasons. They all love nutrient enriched soils, compared to trees and many shrubs which get most of their nutrition through the beneficial bacteria and underground mycorrhizal networks that interconnect everything.

      It would be interesting to first find out just what their so-called natural fertilizers are made up of.

  4. Nice!! I’ve been using Espoma products for many years, and they’re really good. I’ve never given much of a rip about lawn care, but if Espoma is getting into the game, I may begin caring. I don’t know who the ad agency is, but I’d dearly love to see them produce a commercial going after Monsanto for leading the charge against labeling of GMO foods…..

  5. Wonderful! Attention grabbing, relays a few important bullet facts about why chem fertilizers should be avoided and then offers the homeowner who must have a lawn, an alternative. I’ve been tearing up my lawn at every opportunity but it made me want to go out and get some their stuff! Chances are I still won’t be feeding my remaining lawn but I’ll look for their stuff for veggies/shrubs/trees. Way to go!

  6. Whatever it takes to get buyers to understand the damage Scotts/Miracle-Gro does to our environment, health and pets. Hope Espoma’s program is a good one. Love, love, love the ad. Yeah! Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Awesome! I was walking my dog and barefoot children this summer along a street in a posh Long Island neighborhood and decided to turn around since we either had to walk in the street, or through the lawn strips covered in those pesticide signs. Very inviting 🙁

  8. Brave company… I see lawsuit… Thow shalt not copy Apple… Look at what happened to the round corners of the other mobile phones..

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