Get Your Classic Garden Books Here–in eBook form!



Hey, guess what?  The classic SQUARE FOOT GARDENING is available as an ebook this month for $2.99.   Each month Amazon lists 100 ebooks priced at $3.99 or less, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see some garden books featured there.  This one apparently sells for around $20 normally in ebook form (a foolishly high price, IMHO), but now it’s three bucks.

And you don’t need a Kindle to read it–you can use their free app to read it on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, whatever. I’m pretty sure you can even give them as gifts.

So–check it out.  I think the sale ends Oct 31.


  1. Though I love ebooks dearly and own a kindle, the first time I tried to read a gardening book in that format I returned it and bought it in real book form. I find that reference books don’t work well on the Kindle. It is hard to flip back and forth easily. Charts are hard to read (though probably better on the computer). I want to put a physical marker in the book for some well used charts. Though the Kindle does have a way to bookmark, I find the real thing better. So for a novel ebooks rule, but not for reference books.

  2. I agree with commenter Daphne, but after reading the preview pages on Amazon, I still couldn’t resist, mainly because of the great price. I still have my original copy of SFG from 1981 (or maybe it’s not the original, since it says ‘Companion to National PBS Television Series’ on the cover. Good old Mel — he changed my gardening life, 10 years year into it. I don’t do SFG strictly anymore, but I do a combination of that and the Chinese Raised Bed system, which was inspired by reading Peter Chan’s book ‘Better Vegetables Gardens the Chinese Way’ (1977). I decided the eBook would be ok on my iPad or computer, since I mainly want to read it. Normally I only read novels. We’ll see if I regret it. What I am most thankful to see, so far, is that old Mel has moved on from the dreadful ’70’s Captain Ahab-style beard to a more normal human look. Thanks for the heads-up, Amy.

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