Planter Boxes–another winner!


image via Shutterstock

Another giveaway, another winner, chosen at random–and the planter box goes to Caitlin, who plans to pass it on to her mother who gardens in heavy clay.

Thanks, people!


  1. Wow, thanks! Trying to work with that clay is tears-inducing for Mom to the level that gardening isn’t fun anymore. She’ll *love* this! Thanks again!

  2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And Thank you Caitlin too!

    I was so excited to find this beautiful planter box at my front door! And I can hardly wait for spring to arrive! Caitlin is so right…trying to garden in the red clay of Virginia is difficult to say the least, and this raised bed is the answer to all my gardening frustrations….you have no idea how much this is appreciated!

    I will report in after my first crop is harvested next year!

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