The Garden Bloggers Fling! Get Over There!


It’s time, people!   The 2013 Garden Bloggers Fling is happening in San Francisco on June 28-30, and registration is open now.  They would really, really, really like you to register by February 1 so they can get going on a head count and make some plans (but you can continue to register after that date).  As you probably already know, the Fling happens every year in a different part of the country and is entirely volunteer-run.  There is no big organization behind this–it’s just people making plans, arranging transportation, figuring out restaurant and hotel reservations, putting together garden tours, and so forth.

Usually, about 100 garden bloggers from around the country show up.  There’s lots of during-and-post-Fling blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, and so forth that happens when you get this many bloggers together with their gadgets in hand.

So!  In addition to making your plans to get out to San Francisco for the fling, I hope you’ll consider sponsoring the Fling or encouraging someone you know to come on board as a sponsor.   Some of you work in the horticulture world or have friends who do.  So how about leaning on them a little to chip in something and earn a lot of goodwill in return?  You can see a list of last year’s sponsors on the Fling website–check the right sidebar.


  1. I could make one day, but not all three. To bad they don’t offer a one day rate for those of us that would only attend one day. Oh well…

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