Sights and Sounds from the Porch I Finally Have

[youtube][/youtube] Recorded this morning from my favorite chair, which I’ll be using lots more when it gets buggy here in Maryland.


  1. Looks glorious! And I would never believe it’s a new garden. Cannot wait to experience it for myself.

    Now let’s hope you’ll have many hours of lolling about, reaping the rewards of all your work.

  2. I am experiencing porch envy :~) What a delightful way to enjoy your garden! Your recording gives a tantalizing taste of sounds and sights from your new favorite room. Porches are so civilized, connecting us with nature and neighbors (if it’s a front porch.) If I were queen, all 2- and 3-car garages would be outlawed, and every home would have a porch, every townhouse & condo would have a sitting balcony.

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