Campaign News from the Des Moines Botanical Garden!


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Still photo from video posted to CarlyforPresident.

Well, this doesn’t happen every day, that a field trip by 4- and 5-year-olds to the local botanic garden winds up on national news. But it’s a garden in Iowa, which is swarming with presidential candidates right now, so anything can happen. Including headlines like this about a field trip for toddlers.


Everyone’s favorite pull quote is this one: “The kids went there to see the plants.” Yes, lady, just let the kids see the plants!

Here’s one of the many stories about the event. I found out about it from The Daily Show – at about 1:38 on this video.


    • Hysterical comment, thanks. But seriously, what were their teachers thinking allowing that to happen?
      Diane in Denver

  1. As an Iowa Mom (granted, my babies are 30 and almost-25) I’d have been livid, even if I was a supporter. You don’t co-opt random children for a press event without permission. In writing. Not Cool.

    It would be humorous if it was a joke on the Daily Show or the Onion, where it seems like it should have been…..

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