Come in, Houston


Heather Galindo of the Houston Chronicle has this to say about – funny thing – the bloggers of Garden Rant.

Best Gardening Blogs (and what I’ve learned from them)

When I started garden blogging, I (in true only child fashion)
thought I was being wildly innovative. As it turns out, lots of great
gardening blogs have popped up in the last couple of years and are well
worth a look, if not for the yummy gardening tidbits, then for the
excellent (and regular… I hate seeing ignored blogs!) writing.

Here are some of my favorites:

Best Writing: Sign of the Shovel
The author has a city house and a country house in New York. She’s a
professional writer, funny and wry and sharp as a tack. Every post is
an absolute gem and totally humbles me.

Well Rounded: Takoma Gardener
Also a marvelous writer, Susan’s posts are always informative, full of
"go get ’em" spirit, and activist-minded. She’s a terrific garden
designer and an actual, real life Gardening Coach. "Drop and pull 20
weeds!" Okay not quite like that, but man, I wish she was near here
rather than in the DC area to coach me. Just today, her blog convinced
me to try overseeding our small, pathetic yard with clover. I’ll report
back on that later.

Opinionated: Dirt By Amy Stewart
Amy lives in Northern California and is the author of two terrific books
on gardening, with another set to come out in early 2007 on the cut
flower industry. Amy has strong environmentalist views (without being
all doom and gloom, thankfully) and is a terrific read. She has two
other blogs, one about the 4 chickens she’s raising and one on
vermicomposting, both of which are linked from Dirt. Her first book is
the one that really inspired me to take on the garden with total
abandon, so I really owe her a debt of gratitude.


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