Doing the math on garden blogs


A San Francisco Chronicle story about garden blogs points out that:

Roughly 37 million blogs existed as of May 1, according to Technorati, a Web site that tracks blogs and blog use. Technorati lists 376 gardening blogs.

All right, somebody needs to get busy.  Thanks to the Chron for this mention:

Several accomplished garden authors have links to blogs on their Web sites, often because a blog is technically easier to maintain. Busy garden writer Amy Stewart, a frequent contributor to The Chronicle’s Home and Garden section, posts excerpts and press from her books on

And for linking to many other Bay Area gardeners, including Sacramento Gardening and Pam Pierce’s fact-filled Golden Gate Garden.

Link: Blogs get to the root of gardeners’ thinking.


  1. When you live in Zone 3, where the season is short and intense, maintaining a blog just about gardening, no matter how passionate you might be about it, would leave many fallow, snow covered months of silence.

    This time of year, when I can bear to tear myself from my gardens, I will write about gardening. But other times, I will write about other passions.

    I admire and envy people who can maintain a laser like focus on just one topic and wrap a blog around it. I’m just too helter skelter to do that.

  2. That number seems low!

    Way before there were garden blogs with their interactive comments, there were bulletin boards. Did anyone else hang out on the old Prodigy garden board? This would have been around 1991-93, with a core of people posting from all over the country.

    It was so exciting to discover that board, and talk “perennials” with other passionate gardeners. Once in awhile the garden writer Allen Lacy would show up to post some lovely essay or observation.


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