Finally, a use for all those extra plants.


More on guerilla gardening from the Washington Post.  (Guerrillas in the GardenThese British gardeners are making quite a splash with their subversive acts of urban horticulture.   Under the cover of night, with their shovels and their flats of plants, they’re taking over vacant lots and abandoned planters and making the world a better place.

And when the risk of discovery is too great, guerilla gardeners employ another tactic:  seed bombing.  Embed flower seeds in a ball of clay and soil, and you’ve got your very own flower grenade.  (Or try vegetables.  Nothing perks up a vacant lot like a pumpkin patch.)  Read all about Heavy Petal’s covert flower bombing operation here

Things are getting seriously overcrowded in my own small garden; now might just be the time to divide and conquer.


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