Hot or Not?


Cleve_west_1 Oh, let’s get real, people.  The UK’s Cleve West has got to win this contest hands-down.  (there’s some smutty little pun in there, but we’re leaving it alone.)  He’s the "hunky British gardener" of an earlier post on British magazines, and the Times of London had this to say about his Chelsea Flower Show garden:

"Smouldering good looks might explain it – or maybe it’s just the gold-winning Saga garden – but something about Cleve West is so attractive to birds that they’ve moved in with him."

That’s "birds," as in–you know–actual birds.

There’s been a request that we be more gender-inclusive in our sexy gardener rankings, a notion that we here at GardenRant Headquarters wholeheartedly support.

Dixiechicks If only the Dixie Chicks had a gardening show, we often say to ourselves in our morning editorial meetings. Just think of the fun they’d have, out there at the ranch, planting peas and pruning the wisteria and turning the compost pile.    Now, that’s some television we’d tune in for.  Chicks, are you listening?

But even if that idle fantasy never comes true, there are any number of strong, beautiful women we would happily nominate for SexiestMary_jane Gardener.  Let’s start with MaryJane Butters, champion of farmgirls everywhere.  She’s a smart, compassionate, and astonishingly skilled woman who has made quite a life for herself out there in Moscow, Maryjane2_1Idaho. She runs a farm, writes books, plants a garden, makes all kinds of great old-time crafts, raises chickens, sells pre-packaged food, and she puts out a hell of a magazine, too.

  MaryJane, you totally rock.  Promise us you’ll wear one of those homemade aprons to the Sexy Gardener awards ceremony.


  1. You guys crack me up. I know who the ultimate sexiest man in the garden is: my husband. Because he’s not an outdoorsy type so when he drops by to have a look at my gardening work, well, he’s one fine novelty item.

    The unsexiest (famous in Canada) gardener is Mark Cullen. So knowledgeable and yet so…plain.

  2. Mary Jane is adorable! Maybe she could teach the Chicks how to garden and all our repressed lesbian fantasies would come true.

  3. And this has WHAT to do with your manifesto, precisely? I had high hopes for this site. Where are the “real, rambling, chaotic, dirty, bug-ridden gardens”? Or alternatives to chemical warfare? Somehow, drooling over celebrities is the kind of thing I expected to NOT find on this site.

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