“Sexiest Man in Gardening” Nominee – Paul James


But to Paul I say I know you’re the rock star of the gardening
world – at least for the Jimmy Buffett  generation – and like Jimmy, you
need your privacy.  But speaking on behalf of the Bloggers of
GardenRant, how about a quick interview?  Just 5 Questions by email.  Seems only
fair, since I’m taking your messages and all.  And while we can’t offer
to pay you – we have our fake-journalistic ethics, ya know – you might
get a laugh out of it and we know you’re big on laughter. So Paul, have your people talk to my people.

And Readers, why does Paul deserve your vote, besides his goofy cuteness and beefy calves?  Well, I’ve gushed about him all over the
Internet already so I’ll simply add this quote from HGTV’s site for a
taste of why Paul’s at the top of his game and a favorite of real
gardeners everywhere:  "I remember watching gardening shows when I was
younger, and I was
amazed at how everything was always picture perfect. The soil was so
soft and crumbly. The plants were pest disease free. And the hosts
never broke a sweat! So when I got the chance to do my own show, I
decided to make it as real as possible."  See, he’s one of us.  And I love that he’s a relentless cheerleader
for mulch, for accepting some insect damage, and for not planting in
the summer (Paul gardens in hot-as-hell Tulsa, OK).

Convinced?  Go ahead and vote now, or hold off until you’ve seen all the nominees.  Or vote now and later – we’re no sticklers for scientific polling methods here at the Rant.


  1. I love this guy! Sometimes the corny makes me want to cry, but it’s the one show I can’t help watching… AND I was actually REALLY wondering what you guerrilla gardeners would think of him– haha.
    not my type, but he’s got my vote!

  2. What I want to know is when and where you’re going to invite the nominees to accept their awards. I’d like a ticket to that show!

  3. What about Matt James from BBC’s City Gardener? He really gets into gardening. (No relationship to Paul James as far as I know!)

  4. Paul,
    If you are reading this I agree, you are THE SEXIEST Gardner on tv and i am totally into seeing you show off your sexy feet and soles!! I espeically love seeing you wiggle your toes in those great close up shots!! Keep up the good work. I bet you have a real fetish for showing off your beautiful feet. Thanks for keeping us all so entertained.

  5. Jay-
    You are so right. Paul is the sexiest gardener on tv.Paul is always showing off his big bare feet on his show. And yes, they are really nice…he must love to turn on people with foot fetishes. Sallie

  6. Hi James

    I watch your show all the time I
    love it you are the best
    I have one question what can i put in my flower beds to kill some weeds and grass but not hert my plants

  7. Hi Sally With a “WHY”
    I’m not Paul James, and I’m not really a gardener, but I putter and I definitely have opinions. You asked: “what can i put in my flower beds to kill some weeds and grass but not hert my plants”

    My answer:
    Tools needed = your hands and fingers. Follow these steps: insert fingers into soil, dig up grass/weeds/roots, remove. Gloves are optional. Works every time. Luddites unite!

  8. I watched paul james on the rose parade, and he said that there was a rose that didn’t have enemies, and was very easy to grown. That you didn’t have to prune them, that they took care of themselves, but I can’t remember the name of them. Can some one help me with that? thank you

  9. cant find tool seen on program looks like a trenching shovel blade instead of a hoe blade does anyone know where to buy tried lows home depo ace sears

  10. does anyone know what size shoe that Paul James wears? He as the sexiest feet on television bar none. I just love watching his show hoping to catch a glimpse of his beautiful feet, love to see him wigglin his toes and showing off his soles all wrinkled.

  11. Love your show!
    We actually have a parking permit for O. U. members only here.
    Would like more info on Garlic plants, down here in the south texas. how long will the season last?

  12. THANKS SO MUCH for a chance to send a comment to HGTV — I had looked for that before and couldn’t find it. I just told them: I am very frustrated with the sparse airing of the Gardening by the Yard program — or any gardening program for that matter! I see VERY FEW programs on gardening! A quick view of the programs listed in your drop-down to answer “What is this regarding?” and it is plain to see, you have hardly any gardening shows now — and most of those aren’t airing anywhere that I can find! What has happened to the “G” in the HGTV????? And personally, I don’t think a ‘landscaping’ program is truely a ‘gardening’ program! So, although I enjoy them, “Landscaper’s Challenge” or “Curb Appeal” really don’t count as ‘gardening’ programs — The dictionary defines Gardening as:1) the act of cultivating or tending a garden or 2) the work or art of a gardener. At least Gardener’s Diary is back on occationally, but I think there needs to be a lot more gardening on HGTV to really be HGTV — maybe there should be another channel called GTV!!

  13. On TODAYS episode of Gardening By the Yard….a BRAND NEW a one titled “Storybook Gardnen & tropical theme garden” … Paul James…the SEXIEST man on HGTV has began showing off his sexy barefeet much to the delight of his many admirers.

    Paul waited til near the end of the show to prop his big sexy feet on his couch and show off his long toes and soles. He definitely has a fetish for showing off his feet in so many past episodes. Fortunately after hiding his feet for the past season he has decided to show them off again!

    I have heard he has stopped taping future episodes for HGTV but hopefully the next few that will air will have more of his sexy soles and big toes wiggling and flexing in full view for us to enjoy. GREAT JOB PAUL!!

  14. Paul, We met in Phoenix and you gave me wonderful advice on my PA dee problem. You ar the ONLY reason I watch HGTV. I don”t give a darn about the magnificant make overs of the mansions. You give me the down to “earth” (sorry) information the I need today. Hey How about the dvd programs??

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