Please, Your Honor! Not Another Flat of Pansies!


A judge in Zambia has sentenced a British businessman to 15 days of hard garden labor for violating the terms of his visa.

That’s right, mister.  You ever want to see your family again, you better divide those irises and be quick about it.  And by the way, the judge likes his perennials planted in drifts, not rows.

Link: Zambia sentences Briton to hard gardening – Yahoo! News.


  1. Sentenced… a Brit… to gardening.

    Hahahahah! That’s practically like sentencing Julia Child to kitchen duty.

    “Oh, woe is me, I have to garden… where’s my Wellies? Anyone seen my Wellies? And the Felco secateurs? No, no, I’m crying about this, really I am.”

  2. I love that story. What a brilliant piece of innovation on the judge’s part. Businessman might find out that he likes gardening and start a whole new career…lol

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