The Urban Jungle


Presenting our semi-regular feature in which we highlight the best, worst, most obscure, or most fabulous in Internet gardening videos.  Please send along your nominations (just post a link to the video you’re nominating in the comments), but please read our simple guidelines first.

And now, in honor of Gay Pride celebrations going on all over the country this month, we present the fun-loving, pansy-wielding boys of The Urban Jungle Show.  (OK, the "garden tips" are a little lame, but hey, they’re having fun.) Which begs the question: Why is there no Queer Eye for gardening?


  1. Hmm… rather like a glass of sweet wine: interesting at first, even mildly pleasant, but rapidly cloying. I could take about five minutes and then I was done, coming away with the unpleasant feeling that I’d been to an old-fashioned black-face minstrel show. These guys are to the gay community what Beakman and Bill Nye are to the science world (and Amos and Andy were to the black community): vapid stereotypes. Kind of sad, really, when there is so much diversity that could have gone into this.

  2. Thanks for this!

    A “Queer Eye for the Gardening Guy” would have to be at the top of your “Must-Miss” listings: boilerplate “style” applied like a mask without context to individuals of whom they are completely ignorant. Oh, and they take themselves waaay too seriously.

    Unlike the QE personae, the Urban Jungle boys are clearly not trying to gain acceptability with a mainstream audience. They’re not to everyone’s tastes. I don’t get that they’re trying to be. That takes them out of the “Steppin’ Fetchit” category for me. I’m proud of these guys; I want more of them. I’m ashamed of Queer Eye.

    Yes, my gardening tips would be less lame, but I would not be so obviously gay, and I’d probably be less fun to watch. I’m also known to take myself waaaay too seriously.

    In pride – Xris

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