Wildflower meadow mowed down by The Man


The Guerrilla Gardening movement in London has gotten plenty of attention lately, mostly, we think, because their approach to taking over an empty urban space and filling it with flowers is so dastardly, devilishly clever.  They (often) sneak out in the dark of night, dressed in black like the horticultural criminals they are, and do their dirty work while the city sleeps.  Everybody loves a bad boy, and we here at GardenRant are no exception.  Gardening at night, in the big city, while somebody watches out for the cops…We haven’t had that much fun since–well, never mind.

So imagine our distress when we learned that a wildflower meadow planted by guerilla gardeners on a roundabout had been razed to the ground by Transport for London’s workers.  Neighbors had chipped in some cash for the seed and the volunteers had put up a sign asking workers not to mow it, what with it being a wildflower meadow and all.  No matter. They didn’t have permission to garden there, so down it went.

We’re cheering you on, Guerrillas.  As long as there are dead planting strips and abandoned lots, there’s a place for you in this world.  Keep digging!


  1. Hear hear! Although the destruction of this one garden is sad (and a sad commentary on local officials), I love hearing how the neighbors chipped in their support. You go, guerillas.

  2. I can’t help but picture our friend Mike Bailey of Felixstowe in the UK after a long night in the pub, out in greasepaint, jamming illegal plantings in some carpark’s border! I love it!

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