Worst Container Idea Ever


Riverofcement_1Let’s see how to word this Garden Don’t.  How about:  Don’t pour concrete on the ground, leaving holes
for your annuals, then line the thing with bricks and paint
the whole freak show a bright white.

Of course, misinformation isn’t the problem here.  It’s bad taste – and a profoundly weird way to relate to nature.   So seeing it on a garden tour was a little surreal.


  1. Well, it’s at least clever, in theory. But you’re right, the trouble with it is the poor taste, and the fact that garden tours are intended to be an exposition of good taste.

  2. Ohhhh, my eyes, my eyes!

    If course it could have been worse — they could have painted it yellow and set figures of Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Lion prancing down it.

    Makes me think of those giant tractor tires painted white and filled with pink petunias.

  3. That is just horrible, I mean ghastly, no atrocious. Gads, that is the worst thing I’ve seen in a garden in a long time. I keep scrolling back to look at it because I just can’t believe it!

  4. HA! That’s hilarious (but only because it’s not in my neighborhood.) I wonder what it’s supposed to be… a faux dry creek bed? A “green” sidewalk? Perhaps the new way to keep weeds out of your flower beds? Oh, wait: It’s a concrete stream with urban non-aquatics! Genius!

  5. Forgive me while I play the gadfly here. How is this really different from a chorus of middle-aged dowagers (hmm, I might qualify here) exclaiming in horror over the neighbour replacing the lawn with “meadow”?

    I happen to share your lack of enthusiasm, but still…

    Check out this article on the rise of “haughtyculture”.


  6. Ugh. That’s awful. It’s like anti-gardening. That could only work in a miniature golf course.

    Interesting article about haughtyculture… Mark me down as thinking any kind of garden ornamentation can work well in the proper environment. But you can’t plop down giant painted ceramic Tigers from Thailand just anywhere. For that I’d say you need fine textured shade trees and tidy masses of brightly colored flowers.

    That nice granite rock with the circle cut out, however… I can’t imagine the garden where that would not work. I would love to have that. I’ve lately been desiring some kind of garden ornamentation w/ a circular aspect like that. But maybe in metal.

    I’ve been loving this blog since the Chronicle article. Really fun–keep up the good work!

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