Have We Got a Tip for You!


How many insincere tips have you left in your life?  You know, you slap a couple bucks on the bar even though it took you forever to get a drink and it wasn’t even what you ordered when it finally arrived?  Or you leave a fiver at the coffee shop after the worst breakfast of your life?  Or you stand there at the salon, silently fuming over your bad haircut, thinking of all the ways you could have put that money to better use.

Thai_giant But a sincere tip–a well-deserved tip–now, that feels good.   If you like what you’re reading and you’ve got a PayPal account, please consider paying a sincere visit to our Tip Jar (also conveniently located in our sidebar) now and then.  It helps us keep the lights on here at Garden Rant Headquarters and might even make a dent in our mail-order nursery bill.  Just think, for much less than the price of a Coloasia gigantea ‘Thailand Giant’, you can keep us ranting all day long.

Those leaves grow to nine feet tall, by the way.  We dare you to plant one.  If you do, send us a photo.