We’ve Got Flair


But you knew that already.  Every now and then, the GardenRant IT Department emerges from its dark, chilly room filled with servers and whirring fans to deliver a cryptic message like this one.  We wish these people would get a hobby, like–oh, I don’t know–gardening, perhaps? 

We’re getting behind the Web 2.0 revolution and adding a little flair to our feeds and our posts.  There’s all kinds of ways to keep track of your favorite blogs using feed aggregators (that’s what all those cute little buttons in the lefthand sidebar are all about, and a surprising number of you use them), and now we’re branching out into Digg, del.icio.us, and Technorati Favorites.  What is this all about?  It’s just a cool way to organize your favorite stuff and share it with the world, and it might just give garden blogs a higher profile in the tech-and-politics-heavy blogosphere.  Digg?

Personally, we’d rather dig.  But humor our pale, scrawny IT people, will you?  Check out the flair and let us know if it enhances your ranting experience.


  1. Do you know how easy it is to get sucked into cyberspace and have little time left for the garden?

    Now there are tons of new services and tools and buttons for blogs. I already used Technorati (slightly) so I clicked that “add to my favorites” button and found a whole new layout there and had to spend a few minutes learning how to navigate that site again. It looks much nicer and seems to have more features.

    Those ratty looking Heliconia can wait just a while longer.

  2. “Flair” makes me think of the movie “Office Space.” (Shudder)

    Love your geeks! Nourish them, cherish them. Think of them as that special plant you have which is just getting a little crowded by its neighbors (hence, “pale, scrawny …”). Give them some extra light, air and fertilizer (coffee, without the grounds, is believed effective) and they’ll thrive and blossom before you know it.

    Sincerely –
    A Garden(ing) Geek

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