“Beauty Food” – Beautiful and Inspiring


Roger Doinon and his Kitchen Gardeners International are doing some amazing things and whyBrusselssprouts3_1 haven’t I heard about it before?  I just learned about his work via the garden writers listserv, almost hidden among all the preconference chatter.  His video "Beauty Food" BLEW ME AWAY.  And folks, I’m no pushover for YouTube offerings and I’m not even a foodie! Well, that may finally change coz Roger’s very persuasive.

Kitchen Gardeners were recently featured on Maine TV.  Roger tells us "the reporter got one of the stats
wrong: the 1% home-grown figure she mentions refers to the situation in
the US, not the world, fortunately." 

To watch, go to the Kitchen Gardeners site. Shown first is the Maine TV report and just below it, click the carrot to see "Beauty Food." (Readers, I’ll learn how to embed videos directly from YouTube as soon as Amy tells me how.)

And here’s another view-worthy item Roger offers: "Eat Real Food," a "one-minute animated short co-produced by an
award-winning youth animator and myself that follows 8-year-old Polly
as she navigates her way past junk food temptations on her way to
something truly satisfying."  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMd53OOaah4

Lastly, did you know that tomorrow is Kitchen Garden Day?


  1. Thanks for sharing this info, and in time so that we don’t miss Kitchen Garden Day tomorrow. I shall go out and hug my vegetable garden tomorrow, or do something out there to celebrate. (Maybe weed it!)

  2. Wow. You mean I didn’t even know about Kitchen Garden Day and made homemade pesto from scratch? How perfect.

    Although I have to say that before I make this again, I will have a food processer. An hour’s prepwork with a cutting board and a chef’s knife!
    I certainly have fresh appreciation for those cooks who came before!

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