City Gardening – No Longer Optional


Greenroofchicago The urban environmental movement has become mainstream, according to today’s WaPo, a change that’s inevitable as our natural lands continue to be paved over at a rate that’s so alarming I’m afraid to ask.  And Chicago, with its enviromayor and hotshot environmental commissioner, is leading the charge and even doing cutting-edge research in the field.  Since Daley took office they’ve planted 400,000 trees, created 70 miles of planted medians and incentivized the 2.5 million square feet of green roofs that have been completed or are under construction.  They’re chatting it all up as a needed antidote to global warming.  Exactly. 

This story about gardening is on page A3 – practically front page! – so someday maybe we can all stop lecturing about how much GARDENING MATTERS.


  1. The report recommends: “Get people to cut back on turf where they don’t use it, “such as front lawns and median strips.”

    I hope that recommendation applies to public insitutions and corporations as well!

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