Your Garden Stinks: This Week in Garden News


A round-up of the week’s news:

A luxury hotel in Cape Town, South Africa pampers its guests and its composting worms:  "The worms are kept out of sight of patrons enjoying the opulent surroundings and gourmet treats, but they bask in pampered luxury in a backroom a short slither from the presidential suite."

Glow-in-the-dark chickens cure cancer. Or rather, the eggs do. (Thanks, Angela.)

Lemonade stand? Bah. A 13 year-old worm entrepreneur faces the wrath of the planning commission.  According to news reports:

Joey said he goes out "probably every other night" during the summer to harvest the worms from his front yard. The only requirement is, "It’s just got to be wet." In one night, he collected 170 worms, Joey said. But worm-farming is not a big moneymaker. "I usually make $5 a month," he said. "If I’m lucky, I’ll make $10 a month." But there are also times when "no one stops."

Doesn’t matter, kid.  The Man’s gonna knock on your door sooner or later and ask to see a permit.

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s corpse flower, Amorphophallus titanum, has just burst into bloom, making the conservatory the perfect place to conceal a body.  Skip the smell and watch the webcam.

No webcam, just smell, in the UK, where villagers object to the biosolids (treated human sewage) being spread on the fields.  "It is worse than taking off a baby’s nappy and the ammonia is so strong it has been making our eyes water," says one less-than-thrilled neighbor.

Old House Gardens reports the following in their e-newsletter: "A recent report says that 70% of all lawn and garden sales are rung up by Home Depot, Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, and K-Mart. We shop the big-box stores, too, but imagine this: If that percentage ever reaches 100%, how will that affect your gardening? "  The message?  Shop at specialty nurseries.

Speaking of which…stay tuned for more on Heronswood…