The Friday Orchid Blogger


What the hell IS that thing?  My thoughts exactly.  It’s an orchid called Brassia ‘Eternal Wind’  and itOrchid_2 was posted yesterday by my favorite orchid grower/political blogger in the world.  That would be John Aravosis of Americablog and you can go there to learn more about this bit of botanical exotica.  Notice he’s gotten 92 comments so far about this plant, so gardenbloggers, read ’em and weep.

What got this popular lefty blogger posting about his orchids was the tradition somewhere in the blogosphere of Friday Cat Blogging.  John here is catless – thus the cat-substitute, his stunning orchids.  So we win, coz there’s enough cat photos on the Web to give us all hairballs and not a lot of gorgeous plant photos.

I’ve written about John before and I figure if I keep doing it, he’ll notice me and say hi.  We’re practically neighbors, ya know. 


  1. Posting an orchid on a political blog sure didn’t keep those folks confined to gardening topics. Gardening forums and blogs on the other hand seem amazingly adept at steering completely away from the subject of politics. Trying to break out of the mold here Susan?

    I like a good lefty blogger rant and added John’s blog to my list of political blogs to watch. I have been known to deposit a good comment or two on certain political blogs.

    I even participate in a very small discussion group from the four corners of this nation that is more focused on solutions. An occasional expression of disgust is inevitable, but it is a very friendly and civil group.

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