Endangered Bulbs?


Bulbs_in_bloom2 We’re hopelessly in love with old bulb growers (the bulbs are old, not the growers) who specialize in rare and hard-to-find beauties like broken tulips and miniature daffodils.  Scott Kunst of Old House Gardens is featured in this story in the Christian Science Monitor for his tireless work on behalf of old bulbs, which he says are slipping out of production faster than he can save them.  He says that in 1886, there were 135 different hyacinths for sale in one old catalog, and now most nurseries offer just a few.  He says that hyacinths are the most endangered bulbs out there and that they are "too wonderful to let them go extinct."  If you agree, check out his hyacinth page and more here.  It’s not too late to get some of those babies in the ground.

And over at the Southern Bulb Company, you can get bulbs especially suited for southern climates that have been grown not in Holland, but in Texas.  They’re also blogging here–we love those garden industry blogs, so keep it up!– and if you read along, you’ll find out how it’s possible to be so busy that you forget that you were scheduled to go on Martha Stewart’s garden radio show. (Dude, what’s up with that?)

We particularly love the limited edition art by Ann Swan they’re featuring on their website.  It’s gorgeous.  Check it out.


  1. This is a really beautiful site with lots of great information. I was amazed by the photographs of the dragon tulip Maarkgraaf van baden – dating from 1750.
    I would be terrified of accidentally killing off such a treasure – the $17 pricetag and 3 bulb limit is presumably indicative of what a primadonna it is (but with those looks it deserves to be).
    Wouldn’t we all be so much poorer without these enthusiasts?

  2. I’ve known of their website for awhile now, but finally, after reading your post – placed an order. I hadn’t seen the Ann Swan art before – they’re really beautiful!

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