Fall Color, No Driving




When I saw something on the news about places you could DRIVE TO and see fall color I had to laugh.  But seriously, could I stay sane if I couldn’t see scenes like this just outside my door?  I sure hope I never have to find out.


  1. Laugh all you like but this is how the majority of people live in this country, utterly disconnected from NATURE. So bear that in mind when marvelling at the witless disregard for natural places and the willingness to destroy any natural setting for the sake of another $$$$ strip mall, (we just don’t have enough of these, you know?) or $$$$ housing developments, (where it’s all house and no outdoor space at all)..remember too, it’s the offspring of this sort of artificial ‘upbringing’ that’ll be determining policy on what to do with ‘all that land’ in the future…looks pretty bleak to me..

  2. I love the big vistas. We drove to upstate New York for the Sheep & Wool Festival last weekend, in part just to drive along the roads, through tunnels of color.

    I also have an eye for the small.

    One of my earliest memories is of holding a huge (at that time) brilliantly colored maple leaf in both my hands when I was in kindergarten. I was squatting at the base of the tree, surrounded by windrows of leaves. Still, I needed to exmaine this one.

    That’s never left me.

  3. The picture on the right, what is the yellow-leaved shrub at the base of the tall tree. For that matter what are the perennials in front of the yellow leaved shrub. It is a wonderful picture and some of the plants would look wonderful under my oak tree that shades my house! Thanks Deborah

  4. The yellow-leaved shrubs are bottlebrush buckeyes, only yellow because it’s October. In front of them are plain old nandinas (false bamboo).

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