Ed Snodgrass, Green Roofer to the World


Now the A Section should but probably wouldn’t tell you that with global warming, green roofHarvard
plants may become our most popular garden plants.  And what ARE the
world’s most drought-tolerant hardy plants?  Mostly sedums, plus ice
plants and chives.  They’re watered in just once after installation and
never again.  My kind of plant.  (Check their website for lots more info.)

Having read all about Chicago’s great adventures in greening,
including on its rooftops, I was surprised to learn that D.C. has more
greenroof acreage than any U.S. city, thanks to the sheer size of its
buildings.  That’s because the decidedly unsexy agency in charge of
federal buildings (the GSA) is a BIG promoter of green roof technology
(go Bureaucrats!).  And while lots of research is going on in green
roof Garfieldengineering,
on the hort side of the picture – not so much.  So Ed here puts on his
lab coat, teams up with some universities, and does the research.

Finally, the Book Section.  Sometimes good things happen to good people and inGreenroofbook_2 this case Timber Press jumped at the chance to publish Ed (and  wife Lucie’s) book, being released this week.  Advance orders
are being taken.  Now let’s all place our orders and demonstrate to the
publishing world the immense reach of a gardenblogger endorsement! 

[Photos: On the right, a green roof at Harvard with wooden
walkway and what looks like a hottub but is probably a seating area.
On the left, a really cool roof coincidentally on my street, plants supplied by Emory Knoll. 
Harvard photo by Ed Snodgrass of Emory Knoll Farm.]


  1. This is amazing. I grew up in northern Maryland and worked for a few years at manor view farms. My friend Marc and I have been working in the landscape and construction fields for a long time. Marc lives in Baltimore and I live in Asheville NC. Both of us have been very excited about these ideas for some time. Marc has some very interested clients and would love to bounce some ideas and make these things happen in both areas. I will be in Baltimore soon and I would love to visit the farm and talk more. Keep up the good work!

  2. You may offend some people, especially outside the U.S., by the trying to be clever and funny with the (stupid) remark. I wanted to copy this to a company but will have to alter it as it sounds juvenile.

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