Rant on the Radio


A few months ago, I had a chance to do a live radio broadcast from the Santa Fe Farmers Market with Bob Ross, landscape architect, garden design consultant, and host of KSFR’s "Gardens, Food, and Santa Fe."  (Well, actually, I was live, and he was live, but the show just aired last week.)

After we spent some time talking about earthworms and the cut flower industry (hey, I gotta sell books), we got down to business:  Garden blogging!  It was a fun discussion, and if you’d like to hear it yourself, it’s available online now.  Check it out–it’s the October 21 broadcast.


  1. Amy, thanks for your thoughts about passionate garden writing. I enjoyed The Earth Moved and am looking forward to the new book. I an happen to be aspiring gardener and writer. Would you be willing to share some thoughts about your writing process and habits?

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