What’s wrong with this picture?


Here’s a nifty concept in landscape design – simply insert a buyer-attracting plan in the front yard and don’t you worry about it making the garage unusable.  And who needs a driveway to theirGarage4 garage, anyway? 

These and other obviously Photoshopped model homes courtesy of NVHomes via a local blogger, who adds that a flyer he didn’t scan even showed a stone wall and a rGarage3ow of trees in front of the garage.  Thanks, Kathy, for the "Gardenrant tip".

And hey everybody – we love tips here at the Rant, so keep ’em coming.


  1. They do that all the time with model homes around here. Once the ‘hood is sold out and they have to sell the model, they rip out the landscaping (probably dig it up and move it to the next model home… or the people who work for the builder scavenge the plants) and put in a driveway. Frankly, ripping out builder-installed landscapes in favor of concrete doesn’t seem too bad to me. The plants and design are usually so bad, a slab of grey is favorable.

    All I can say is thank God I don’t live in the suburbs any more.

  2. Heather’s observations are valid for my area, too – actually we saw inaccessible garages on model homes in the Chicago area years and years ago. Are you sure this is something new on the East Coast? Maybe you guys just don’t get out much:)


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