Blogging about Us


“Well written and funny as hell.”  Starre Vartan of Eco-Chick.

“The Greatest Garden Site on the Web.  Garden Rant, oh yes.  That’s what it’s about.  Plain talk that is honest. The Garden Ranters are farther along on the continuum of my own journey in gardening and I am in awe.”  Barrie Collins of Garden Mob.

“Although newly formed, the Garden Rant blog is turning out some great posts and great information.”  Bill Welch of A Gardener’s Notebook

From Doug Green: What do I suggest you start with? Let me suggest Garden Rant. These ladies are interesting (although I’ve never been on their babe-watch list) :-( and opinionated and agree or disagree, they’re always well-written. Often looking at things the rest of us don’t see. I recommend you go there and sign up for the blogs of the individual writers on this group project. Amy Stewart, Susan Harris, and Michele Owens