Getting all Crafty


The one and only crafty thing I accomplished this season:  a jar of organic fertilizer, layered like those sand painting things we used to have to make in the second grade.  Bat guano, fish meal, greensand, bonemeal, kelp meal…it may not be precisely the combination of ingredients your garden needs, but hey, it probably can’t hurt.  And it sure is pretty.

Any other good garden-related gifts discovered/given/received this year?  I’m still waiting for my big Pile O Shit.  Either my loved ones don’t really believe that I actually want rotten horse manure for Christmas, or they just can’t bring themselves to actually cause it to be dumped in the alley on Christmas morn.


  1. That is gorgeous!
    Two inexpensive garden gifts that i just learned about are:
    ~ using vines (ivy, vinca, honeysuckle, etc.) as gift ribbon – just rip it out of your yard and get some weeding in as well
    ~ collecting seeds from your garden and putting together a baskets of the seed packs

    I know when I was just a wee gardener I’d love to have receive the latter from some more experienced gardeners!

  2. Kathy: Thanks so much for the idea of using ivy etc for ribbon. For years I’ve saved the Sunday comics to use as wrapping paper so now I’ll add the ivy for that Totally Recycled Look. And after my kids unwrap all their gifts I’ll scoop up the ivy and dump it in the compost heap. To which they will say “mom, can you get any more eccentric?!” Fabulous!

  3. When my dad brought me a sack of well-rotted pony manure as a special gift, it was a sign that he appreciated my garden. I was delighted, and thanked him on behalf of the delphiniums.

    Amy’s sand-art would be a great gift for the right person.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. Whenever I give $$ or gift cards for a gift, I always put it in a handmade seed packet and call it “seed money”.

    I would love to get a jar of layered fertilizers. I would be 99.9% more likely to use that versus a jar of layered cookie mix!

  5. I’ve been trying to get one of my friends or fam to get me a composter (the kind one can keep on a balcony) for a while now — and no one seems to wanna take me up on that one either. Apparently, it doesn’t strike most people as an “appropriate” gift —

  6. HEY GUYS, any tips for a very bad lawn, full of moss, any suggestions will I just get a new turf or can a box of Feed and Weed do it?, dont really want to get a new lawn. Thanks Jo Kennedy, Neangh, Co. Tipperary.


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