iGarden Because iHave iTunes


The only
problem with the iBulb is that eventually the batteries run out. Fortunately,
they’re rechargeable! Just the occasional application of some iBulb Energy
Granules and it will last for years and years. It will even get bigger and
produce additional smaller iBulbs of the same type (thus making the iBulb a
unique investment for the future). The only thing you may need to replace is the
iSoil, because having the latest version will ensure superior iBulb operation.

because customization is all the rage, you can choose among hundreds of
different shapes and colors for your iBulb. As with everything, there are
special edition iBulbs you can get that are more expensive, but they still use
the same iSoil, eWater, and other accessories you use for your other iBulbs.

Don’t you think everyone will have iBulbs on their Christmas lists with a modern
marketing frame around it? Don’t dried plums sound so much better than prunes?
And at least for me, I started gardening because of bulbs. Who can resist the
lure of “plant it once, never plant again!” when you love flowers more than you
love being dirty and sweaty? Of course, eventually you figure out that it’s fun
to be covered in iSoil and your kitchen window just isn’t big enough for the all
the iBulbs you like (oh, and there are tubers and corms and rhizomes, too!), so
you have to take it outside. And what happens when you start playing in the
outside iSoil with your iBulbs? You’re gardening.


  1. Heather – I think you’re on to something. How can we bring gardening tech into the space age? There are soil-less or hydroponics options – something clean for the germophobes. And bulbs are pretty cool in that they come in their own self-contained packaging. Hmm, maybe a funky redesign of those frimpy hyacinth bulb forcing jars?

  2. You’re right Heather–it’s all in the marketing. Think we can get U2 to do a gardening commercial? 🙂 Bono in garden clogs—now that would be interesting!

  3. It won’t be many more years before all of our plants will have a wireless implant that connects to our internet connection.

    Perhaps with a tiny embedded server that monitors temperature, water and nutrition.

    We could play them different music based on their own needs and read their data to determine harvest or pruning times!

    Is it far fetched?

  4. Hi I have spent lot’s of time and a fair amount of money putting in a draught tolerant garden with retaining wall in my front yard. Now that it is one of the loveliest spots in the neighborhood the local drug dealers have decided it’s a great place to hang out and do business. I need some recommendations regarding the stinkiest fertilizer I might get my hands on to spread on top of my wall to keep them from sitting on it and killing the plants below.

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