Paul James – You’ve Got Mail, and on the Sorry State of HGTV

  • Paul’s show has been reduced from twice on Saturday and twice
    on Sunday to once on Saturday, a cutback of 75 percent for the
    mathematically challenged.  In some parts of the country his show is
    gone altogether.  "It was the only show I looked forward to besides
  • Gone from HGTV are: "Rebecca’s Garden," "Gardener’s Diary," "Gardener’s Journal," "Urban Outsider," "PPP," and others.
  • More than one commenter suggested there’s so little G in HGTV it should be renamed HTV.
  • To register complaints about garden programming on HGTV, go here.  Good idea.
  • And this gem: "I love seeing his beautiful bear (sic) feet and hope
    he continues to show them off," concluding with the suggestion that Paul
    must be a foot fetishist.  To my surprise, this commenter was not alone
    in expressing fondness for Paul’s feet.  Okay, I’m cool with that, but
    how about we not emphasize that particular point in our complaints to HGTV?

And just to remind ourselves what all the fuss is about, how about a
review of Paul’s show from last weekend?  In only a half hour here’s
what he covered in his charming and funny way (but with his shoes on,
no doubt to the disappointment of many):

  • In a meaty segment on SOILS we learn that 6 inches or more of
    topsoil are needed.  We’re shown an easy way to test our soil for its
    component parts – sand, silt and clay.  Any imbalance should be treated
    with organic matter – manure,
    grass clippings, chopped leaves, compost, straw or hay – applied 2 to 4
    times a year.  Organic matter "feeds
    organisms and keeps them active."  And more.
  • About FRUITS to grow at home, we’re reminded that apples
    require lots of pruning and spraying.  Instead, Paul’s guest Lee Reich
    recommends American persimmon, hardy kiwi, lingonberry, pawpaw, and a
    fruit called medlar, described as "disgusting yet delectable".
  • We’re told all about COLCHICUMS ("naked ladies"), which offer
    lots of bare naked color in the fall (without foliage) but, we’re told,
    look terrible for six weeks in the summer because their scraggly, dying
    foliage that cannot be removed.  Not my kind of plant but somebody out there will really enjoy ’em and that’s what counts.

The obvious conclusion is that Paul’s "Gardening by the Yard" is in
a different league altogether from  TV shows featuring frenzied weekend
makeovers for cute young marrieds, which means that he’s probably
doomed and we gardeners are screwed. 


  1. I’m glad I’m not the only person who concluded a few months ago that they need to drop the G from HGTV. I couldn’t care less about real estate….give me good garden shows, which seem to be a dying breed anymore. They’ve been replaced by two day complete makeover shows. I think it’s lost upon people that after they get their backyard completely redone — it’s up to them to keep it alive and thriving. Then where will they go for information??

  2. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU !!!! I have been steaming over the loss of some of my favorite gardening programs, to the point that I went on Amazon in search of gardening DVD’s to buy and watch during the winter. I, for one, am furious at what HGTV has done to Paul James’ program. It’s loaded with good information, it’s funny and entertaining, and it’s actually about GARDENING! And I do miss Rebecca’s Garden, too. Programs that actually deal with garending and plants, and not somebody’s piss poor idea of “landscaping” or “renovation,” which seem to be ripping out lovely old mature plants and putting in water guzzling sod with an annual or two for “curb appeal.” Puke! I still get to see Gardening By The Yard, however, I have to set the recorder to do it. In Colorado, it’s on at 5:30 and 6:00 AM on Sunday mornings. I will certainly go to HGTV’s web site and send a message as to their programming content. Don’t know if it will do any good, but hey, I’ll feel better. HGTV now stands for “Horticulture Gone TV” in my view. P.S. Sorry, but I’m with them. Paul James has some great tootsie and I love seeing them myself!

  3. I am one of those people who enjoy colchicums. (I have a whole category devoted to them on my blog.) The ugliness of the ripening foliage can be overemphasized. It’s no worse than daffodils and is dealt with the same way: you plant the flowers where other things will come up and hide the foliage. When it’s mostly yellow you can cut it down with no qualms.

  4. The Sacramento Bee newspaper is constantly criticized for reducing the amount of gardening info in favor for home re-modeling tips. A few people have mentioned they should take the “garden” out of The Home and Garden Section. This is a trend that seems to be growing and I don’t have a clue what the solution is. Gardening takes a back seat to food and home-remodeling shows these days.

    I think cable was a huge hit because it focused on niches that the networks were not. Now with the internet and You-Tube the market is ripe for local garden shows that reach a smaller geographic area. After all watching somebody “back east” talk about how to garden often does not resonate with people in other regions.

    I found Paul James funny, but his show was a little too goofy for me. As far as Rebecca’s Garden is concerned I hear more from her now via her e-newsletter than I did watching her show. She just sent me a timely note on keeping paper whites from flopping over when trying to force them.

    We’ll see but the days of a national gardening celebrity may be over.

  5. I’m with Nancy on colchicums (save that I actually think they have nicish foliage (certainly nicer than daffs); I think Medlar warrants more use than it gets purely for ornament even if thbe fruit does have to rot to be edible (gorgeous flowers and nice foliage) and I’ve only moved to north america and encountered HGTV in the last 6 weeks but I haven’t seen any G to speak of.

  6. Susan;

    In my humble opinion HGTV has done more to set back gardening and the professions of landscape design and landscape contracting than all other combined entities in the history of mankind.

    The conveyance of false information and underpricing of projects is shameful.

    Added to dumbing down projects, over simplification, and promotion of no-maintenance landscapes I say good riddance.

    Paul’s added use of humor was an attempt to keep the non-gardener peeking in to the show, it appears it didn’t work. Even though it was one of the few shows in the entire TV landscape to pass along good info. So the only gardening show on HGTV that passed along good info is cut back.

    I’d say the way HGTV does things . . . it’s not un-expected.

  7. HGTV is a business and their product is really advertising. They have to put on what people will watch, or they are out of business.

    I don’t know why people no longer want to watch gardening shows. That’s all I ever wanted to watch. I agree with others that they “dumbed them down” so much that people got bored!

    So what would our collective minds come up with for the perfect gardening show?

  8. On relared note, just got a PR frm HGTV announcing their 6 new shows to debut in early 2007 – only on of them is garden related. The rest are mostly behind-the-scenes on the real estate biz, which I actually find interestin – but not sure that interest will last… Anyway, here is the new “garden” show:
    >Get Out Way Out
    Premieres in March 2007
    In each episode, one homeowner’s outdoor space will be transformed into an
    incredible living area. Host Brandon Johnson and a featured landscape
    designer will create an exciting themed environment outdoors that includes
    anything from plunge pools, waterfalls, lagoons, rock climbing walls and
    fully-functioning kitchens to luxurious patios, gardens and all-weather home
    entertainment areas!< I'll watch a few episodes I'm sure - but can't see that it will keep my interest long -- sounds like a "guy show" to this garden gal. Personally I've always preferred the gardening shows on PBS to any cable ones - though DIY network has a few garden shows that are watchable.

  9. HGTV needs to change its name to the Real Estate channel. Not only are the gardening shows disappearing (and Paul James was the best one) but the craft shows are going too. I am a quilter (many gardeners are quilters and vice versa) and we have been complaining to HGTV about losing Simply Quilts. I will say the same thing here that I said in that complaint. HGTV needs to remember that those shows appealed to a group of people who have the most disposable income and are likely to spend it on the products advertised on their network. The twenty somethings who HGTV seems to be aiming the “hip hop” home design and sale shows to don’t have the extra money to spend on the products that are advertised. HGTV needs to get “real” and get “back to basics”!

  10. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts on the sad state of programing on HGTV in relation to serious gardeners. Sexy legs aside, The Gardener Guy is one of the most informative shows on TV.

    He’s not trying to sell anything. He’s just trying to give us correct information that will enrich our lives and try to keep our planet safe from a well meaning, but misinformed public.

    I was going to e-mail HGTV through your website. (Thank you for the opportunity). But I read HGTV’s privacy policy and I’m not convinced that I wouldn’t get bombarded with junk mail and e-mail from third parties. Therefore, my effort to let them know my opinion didn’t get posted.

    Maybe efforts to air “The Gardener Guy” SHOULD be encouraged to be picked up by PBS. They don’t entirely rely on commerical funds for their programming. Therefore, their programming is more likely to be good information and less like some of the silly stuff just to sell something.

    No, I’m not affiliated with PBS.

    To me, a nice landscape doesn’t mean going through someones garbage, picking out things from it, spray painting them, then sticking them in a yard and calling it landscaping. That example may be stretching it a bit, but my time is more valuable to me than watching THAT on TV when I could be outside digging a hole for a new favorite plant, on the back porch looking through good gardening literature, etc.

    Landscaping to me, means to be good stewards of the space we’ve been given and try to preserve it for future generations.

    Thanks for the opportunity to Rant. I wanted to say more, but I will get off my soap box for now.

  11. I want Paul James back on HTV. I’m so sick of room, house and people makeovers I can puke. Where are the garden shows. Did every body die?

  12. I sent an email to both HTV (I will not call it HGTV anymore) and to screaming flea productions, though I don’t expect any response from either. There are already TOO MANY channels dedicated to house flipping, HTV needs to go back to it roots and have garden shows. I know they have to sell advertising, but they can still do it with the shows people know and love. I will be glad when this whole house flipping craze dies out so that all these crappy shows go off the air. Then hopefully they will kiss Paul’s feet and have his show back on in its ORIGINAL time slots along with the other shows that made them what they once (I repeat once) were.

  13. I Also e-mailed HTV and told them how far off they are on there programe guide. I dont know how some of these shows do it? To limit a show that people acutally go out of there way and make time just to watch and replace it with just some crap..makes no sense to me

  14. I am what you would class as a “cute young married” and I love watching Paul James! Anyway that said you are right about the lack of gardening on HGTV.

    Found your site looking for the terra-cotta pot hanger from the 2003 Gadgets and Gizmos episode. If anyway know where to get them or what the brand is let me know! The HGTV site was of no use.

  15. So glad I found Garden Rant via Renegade Gardener (& recommend to Ranters in Canada & Northern US)
    It’s been at least 2 years since I began complaining to HGTV about the loss of the noon-hour gardening shows – every day – on HGTV. Have lost hope that anything can be done – but I do miss Kathy Renwald & Gardeners’ Journal.

  16. I totally agree with the many comments that state HGTV is doing a dis-service to the fans of gardening programs. I have been watching Paul James for at least 3 years. I usually record the show, but in the past have made time to watch the 30 minutes of informative entertainment. Then I was unable to find the show. Now it is not convenient to record or make time to watch. This saddens me. I really enjoyed his show.

  17. Iam very disappointed that you would be so insensitive to your gardeners community. We want Paul James back. We don’t watch HGTV as much, anymore. I thought your programs were very good, and fit the need for everyone, all of your viewers. We need more gardening programs. You are not as well rounded as we thought.

  18. WE WANT PAUL JAMES BACK ON SUNDAY’S @ NOON. I got bugs on my house plants that wont go away & I took horticulture.

  19. While searching for a way to reach Paul James, I found your blog. I’ve just sent a scornful comment to HTV, and began it with: “I HAVE LOTS OF MONEY TO SPEND!!!” Then I demanded that they return Gardening by the Yard to the noon hour on Saturdays and Sundays, and that they show a NEW episode at least once a month! I can’t be sure it actually went through; there was no confirmation. After I clicked Send, there was a two-minute pause, and then my screen flipped back to the blank form. ?????

    Although, in my area, Paul’s show comes on at 12 noon on Saturday, I know it doesn’t air at that time all over the country. Therefore I considered all of you when I mentioned that time slot. The show is also on here in the dead zone – at 7:30 AM and 8:00 AM on Sunday.

    I wish Paul had a blog! Do you suppose our Gardener Guy checks in here occasionally? I want to let him know how much I love his show, and that I’m actively praying that it doesn’t get canceled! Also, considering the scary weather presently occuring in his part of the country, I’m praying for his safety, the safety of his family, and the safety of his lovely garden.

  20. I happened to find this while searching for Paul Jame’s website. I am so disappointed he does not have one. I thought for sure he would. I love his show and his crazy sense of humor. Hadn’t thought about his feet until now when I read how many of you admire them. Now that I think of it, they are rather nice.:) I get up early on the weekends just to watch his show. I have even started watching his cooking show on diynetwork and I hate to cook! But he makes it so fun, I am now wanting to cook. He did the same thing to me with gardening. He just makes everything so interesting. Good Luck to all.

  21. Paul has been my gardening Guru from the start. Mainly because he talks to me not at me. I would rather watch Paul chase Maggie around the yard than see the homes of Mega wealthy people. He makes it all fun……the big kid that he is.

  22. If possible can you send me a tv schedule of Gardening by the Yard, for the Los Angeles, CA area/
    My area code is 90039

  23. HGTV new Saturday morning line up

    20 new episodes of men and women who can’t throw GARBAGE away and the friends who bring them trash bags. Stay tune to see all the crazy antics

    10 shows of wealthy people who spend $35,000 on a backyard make over. Watch in December when a Florida couple spends a whopping $100,000 on a BBQ pit.

    6 new shows on paint were we go from the ordinary white paint to using dare we say RED in a kitchen. Yes folks we are pushing the line now.

    30 episodes of “Flip This Trash” Since some of you watch this channel to learn how to re-cycle paint we now will show you how to purchase old homes and fix them up for the cost of a new mortgage.

    1 episode of “Gardening by the Yard”. The show we at “House and Gardening Television” use as our flagship for the Gardening side of our message. Oh yeah…….. Did we mention that it is a repeat?

    Coming in the fall……..HGTV and MTV hook up to bring you Paris Hilton. She shows us how to take “prison orange” and 2.6 million dollars of Daddy’s money and turn it into a work of art.

  24. I am really disappointed that all the good shows are gone, Paul James and Ground Breakers I look forward to on the weekend but they are repeats mostly and who knows how long they will be on, once they are gone, so am I.

    Why has HGTV turned to the young ditzy decorators? Real estate has slowed down, there are other areas besides real estate.

    VERY disappointed in HGTV.

  25. I say put Paul James on 7 days a week…more of his beautiful feet for us to admire. Paul has the best looking feet on television, yes he is a great gardner, but I like so many others only watch the show to see him doing wacky things like stick his big feet in the camera and wiggle his toes. Keep up those great scenes with your feet Paul. Your fans love it!!

  26. I love Paul James! Not for his feet though…but for his great mustache! That’s nice! Oh…but anyway, I love his show I have been watching him every weekend for all my gardening how to’s and great tips. I hope HgTV will get there act together and put Paul back on fulltime like he deserves to be! He is very funny, has great information and ideas and he is VERY EASY on the eyes! I never noticed his feet…I will have to look next episode! 🙂

  27. HTV could learn a lesson from CBS and the “Evening News with Katie….” CBS made no bones about retargeting their show with an anchor that appealed to the “cute newly marrieds” audience. Somehow the 35-and-above age group wasn’t lucrative enough. Oops blunder… They’ve plummeted from first to third in evening news ratings. Hmmm. Looks like HTV is making the same mistake. Pitty, pitty…but they’re doing it to themselves. The real losers? You, me and the other devotees to Paul James and gardening programming!

  28. Just want to say that I agree with pretty much everyone who has posted. i can’t get enough of Paul James. the show is great, he teaches us things in a fun way. He is on here in Delaware early in the morning on weekends. HGTV is getting carried away with all these real estate shows about rich people. I wish Rebeccas Gardens was still on, it also is a great show. Does anyone know of where I can email Paul James with a gardening question?

  29. Just found this blog, and appreciate the sentiments so close to mine! Have emailed HGTV, with many of the same thoughts, suggesting they rename it HRETV (Home and Real Estate TV, as that is their overwhelming emphasis). If there are so many of us out here in TV land, why is this trend continuing? Scheduling the few remaining gardening shows for Saturday morning is not helpful since that’s when most of us are out working in the yard! Go figure!

  30. I have to say how DISAPPOINTED I am that Paul James isnot showing off his big beautiful feet on Gardening by the Yard! I watch and record it just for a glimpse of him wiggling his toes and showing off his big feet in the camera. The last several shows he is wearing shoes or sandals and doesn’t show off his sexy feet anymore. Please Paul, show us more of your soles and toes. Thanks

  31. It’s Thanksgiving morning and I put on H_TV to watch Paul James MC the Macy’s Parade. Instead of the parade I got home makeovers. What happened? I guess we need my favorite host to star in Garden TV. I wish these execs would smarten up. If somebody should see one of these execs will you please do me a favor? Please throw dirt in his or her face!

  32. Feet Schmeet! Until Paul James gets a cleavage, he’s doomed!

    I agree that he should be picked up by PBS. Then I could cancel my cable service and spend the $50 a month on my garden. Or donate it to PBS.

  33. Susan,
    I stumbled across your site while in search of a way of contacting my buddy Paul (it’s a one way friendship!). I was so excited to find a bunch of people who felt exactly the same way I do, just didn’t know who to tell it to. I am so addicted to his show. If I can’t be at home to watch (the whopping three shows a week) one of his shows I record it, because I KNOW it will have at least one thing that pertains to something I’m dealing with in one of my gardens. I even set my alarm for early Sunday morning so I won’t miss the two shows that come on back to back. I too agree with the way HGTV has come to the point of hardly any good gardening “INFORMATION”, especially given in such a goofy, fun way. Yes, he’s a little corny, but hey, that’s part of what makes Paul, Paul, the gardening guy. Mostly though, he’s filled with so much GOOD information, has taught me so much and has encouraged me tremendously to do some things I might not have done if it weren’t for him. To all who have voiced their concerns for the lack of gardening shows, I thank you. I thought I was alone. Now, we have to get these to the right people who might care enough to make changes.


  34. I agree totally with everyone here and I am so glad I found this blog. HGTV should definately change their name to H_TV.
    I emailed them a complaint on Dec. 01,2007 and this is a section of their response (three weeks later) that pretty well sums up their feelings on the whole issue……Quote:

    “Though it is our hope that every viewer enjoys the great variety of programs offered on our network, we also realize that not every program is suited for every taste.”

    Okay networks,…NOW is the time for new gardening programs to jump in there….they would have thousands of ready viewers to become faithful gardening show followers!

  35. Just to be clear, I love all these comments but sorry to say, Paul doesn’t check in with me to get his messages. Waaah!! But we don’t give up because if he ever Googles himself he’ll find us.
    Paul, give us a sign!

  36. I just found out that Paul James is not the opening speaker in the Great American Gardender series at the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival. My wife and I always go the first week of the festival to attend his talks. This year, sadly, he is not on the schedule at all.:(

  37. I am in Kansas and as of last week Pual James is no longer on here. I cant tell you how disappointed I am. It’s the one TV show I never wanted to miss and now its gone? I dont get it. Doesnt HGTV know he is the most popular person on the network?

  38. The fact that ‘Gardening By The Yard” is gone is beyond SAD. That is the last gardening show I am aware of on HGTV. So many wonderful shows gone. What are they thinking?And than with no explanation!!!!!


  40. I’m happy to have found this website. You can count me in as another frustered former HGTV fan. Since complaining to HGTV isn’t working, I’m going to start promoting Paul to PBS. I’ve read some of their boards and it sounds like they respond to viewer input. (What a novel idea!) TV without Paul is like a garden without echinacea purpurea.

  41. Where’s Pauldo? For the past 6 or 8 months I have been playing the Where’s Pauldo Game on H_TV. It seems every time I find his “new and improved” time slot they go and move it again. In my mind it may be new but it is not improved.

    Thanks for this site. I have found answers to the sad thought I had that Gardner Guy was cancelled. It seems this is true.

    I too have been wondering where the Garden is in H_TV. Like so many of you I too am at a loss for the garden shows. I like the H_TV thing that has been stated here but I have been referring to it as NGTV for No Garden TV.

    I also agree that NGTV doesn’t get it. Putting on shows where there is a budget for $100,000 backyard make over is not going to appeal to the average homeowner. They are not watching the show for ideas of what they can do with there back yard. They are watching the show and saying “who has that much money to spend on a back yard? I can buy a house with that. ” They will watch the show one time and probably not even get though it where as the Gardner Guy can be watched over and over.

    Someone should sue them for false advertising. There is no garden in HGTV.

    I also agree that NGTV is a business and they make money by selling advertising. I think that Paul’s trips to the Mom and Pop garden shop instead of the Corporate Home improvement mega stores added to his demise. I applaud his decision to do that. In my town in an 8 mile stretch we have a Lows, then a Home Depot, and in the spring, another Lowes. Gone are the places where you could get the unusual plants and other items that corporate does not carry.

  42. What happened to Paul James?? Get him back. He’s my kind of guy. I love doing my “own” thing. Paul James provided me and most homeowners with a real “do-it-yourself” (because most of us can’t afford professionals) simple solutions to our landscape problems. I am so sick and tired of the DIY programs that have tooooo much talking and laughing and silly “jukking it up” stuff. I want what DIY is promoting – not all this NON-ESSENTIAL junk.

  43. I love his show. I remember watching it with my grandma when I was like 8 years old, that is when it first came out (mid 90s, was it?). I believe that he is, along with my grandma, one of the people that have strongly influenced me into wanting to study agriculture in college

  44. I love Paul James! I live in Centerville Utah and watch his show faithfully on sunday mornings. Last year he did a show on Witch Hazel, I was so excited that it bloomed in late winter that I went right out and bought one. While everyone else’s landscape is bleak and ugly from our long Utah winters I have this amazing splash of perfect sunny yellow, in March! I wanted to be able to thank Paul James for the advice and guess what. I cant! So this is my attempt. Gardening is my therapy in a very busy life, I cant imagine my sundays without Paul James! So if by chance he is reading the blog, THANK YOU! For being my prozac.
    Your fan in Utah.

  45. Now HGTV is showing GBTY with paul james on Sunday morning only for 1 hour. Sorry to say there are no new videos of Paul wiggling his toes and showing off his sexy wrinkled soles. He is the best. I love his gardening tips almost as much as I love watching him show off his beautiful big barefeet.

  46. Hey Paul we miss you ! I just wrote to HGTV and shared my view about their HTV programs. Not everyone loves to HOUSE HUNT or REMODEL 24/7. They have lost alot of viewers lately. I’m sick of all the remodeling shows and deeply miss the good gardening programs. HGTV is not the same.

  47. I too garden barefooted. I love the feel of the earth under my feet. I also only watch Paul James on HGTV as now everything else is absolutely BORING!!!! Do you think Paul could start his own network & forget HGTV?

  48. Does Paul James have any books out? If so what are they titles? If not, why he is great and brings alot of wisdom and humor to gardening!

  49. Ohh on the topic of HGTV and gardening shows, you would think with the ecomny as it is they would be loosing money by airing housing show. Please we are all sick of the flippers/hunters/and all the remodelers. give us a break..we want the green stuff!

  50. I want more of Paul James! He is the BEST!
    And I don’t like how HGTV has him say “and if you want more info…HGTV” that’s a turn off…keep it natural like he has always been. I love his silliness! He keeps my attention and I learn so much from him.

  51. I sure wish Paul James of Gardening by the Yard would come back on televison. I no longer turn to watch HGTV. I have not been able to see a show that has one designer that can decorate. In the beginning they had people on that were actually decorators.

    We need a gardening channel only.
    I do not need to pay extra for HGTV anymore. If I knew Paul James’ phone number in Tulsa, OK I would call him.

  52. Just finished e-mail to HgTV on lack of gardening. Don’t expect reply, but at least they know there’s one more of us who are up to here with hair-dressers cum decorators, flipping that getto, 24-hr. renovations, etc. And how many house-hunting versions can there be? After the “Virgins,” what can possibly come next?

    If Paul or Rebecca is reading over your shoulder, they might consider offering themselves to RFDTV.

    Thanks for the space to let off some steam!

  53. Most boring and silly H_TV shows:
    Divine Design–she’s a goofball.
    The show with the tatooed-hunk. The mother-daugher real estate “Joan and Melissa Rivers” wanna-be’s. Find your Style–she is a flak, and she wasn’t any better on her first show–Redesign. Even the Channel’s home give away is a joke. The average home owner can’t even afford the real estate taxes, let alone come up with the income tax for winning such a pricey home. I find myself watching HGTV less and less….I get no real information….let alone any entertainment. Just wonder how long sister station DIY will start to follow suit.

  54. Problem with EARTHWORMS!!!
    Our backyard is infested with earthworms!!! The only answer we get from the “experts” on how to rid our backyard of this situation is…are you crazy? gardeners dream of these slimy crawlers because it’s good for the soil. The problem is that there are SO MANY of them that the grass in the backyard moves at night, and the worms push up the grass creating little mounds everywhere. We can’s grow a nice lawn because it’s so uneven. We used a sod cutter, regraded and replaced the grass but they came back and the yard is worse than ever. My plan is to install planting beds along the perimeter at least to cut down on the amount of lawn. HELP please. In addition, Paul James is the most enjoyable guy on TV. “Gardening by the Yard” is one of my favorite programs and I wish he had a website or way to contact him. I record the program so not to miss it 🙂

  55. this is some funny stuff rite here

    Most boring and silly H_TV shows:
    Divine Design–she’s a goofball.
    The show with the tatooed-hunk. The mother-daugher real estate “Joan and Melissa Rivers” wanna-be’s. Find your Style–she is a flak, and she wasn’t any better on her first show–Redesign. Even the Channel’s home give away is a joke. The average home owner can’t even afford the real estate taxes, let alone come up with the income tax for winning such a pricey home. I find myself watching HGTV less and less….I get no real information….let alone any entertainment. Just wonder how long sister station DIY will start to follow suit.

  56. I have just spent almost an hour on HGTV’S website trying to obtain some information on where to buy some products shown on GBTY. I never could find the information I was seeking. Not only does the channel have nothing to offer, they can’t even provide product information!! I am so disappointed with that network. Paul James’ show is the only shining light in the darkness there.

  57. Like so many others, I also miss Paul James Gardening By The Yard. So here is he question of the day. How do I get Paul James e-mail.

  58. When are you going to get our favorite show back on Paul James’ Gardening By The Yard? We are waiting and wondering WHY would you ever take Him and His Show off are you nutts WE LOVE HIM AND HIS SHOW!!! Who in the world is so out of touch with whats a great and informative and fun show that they dare take this prize off…see psycologist now!!!

  59. I’m in one of the regions where P. James’ show time has been changed – TO 6:30 & 7:00 A.M.!!! IF I’m even awake at that time on Sat. morning, it’s because I have to do something or be somewhere MAJOR and wouldn’t have time to watch him anyway. He did come on at 11:30 which was great. I would set aside time to watch. grrrr

  60. Where does he live? I know (or believe) it’s Oklahoma, but city and neighborhood? I want to live next door! LOL! I’m really looking for a retirement spot where I can garden (not much of that in the desert with soil the consistency of asphalt). Any ideas?

  61. Paul James and his show got me interested in gardening. I can actually afford, apply, and execute his ideas. I agree with many of the previous posts. HGTV has become very elitist with lots of high dollar projects in big city lofts, row houses, and mansions.


  62. I have a miniature orange tree that is secreting a sticky, sappy
    substance. That is on the leaves turning them yellow and dropping off, also flowing down the trunk as on my floor.

  63. Did you ever get Paul’s email address? I want to find out what has happened to Paul. It seems he is retired. Voluntarily? Or let go? PAULLLL … WHERE ARE YOU????

  64. Paul i been watching your showing for a long time. I just wondering i just bought a jade plant that is 20yrs old it is in a small pot. When i water it drain quickly. When do i re-pot? It is over five feet high with two stem about 4inch dia.

  65. Good grief doesn’t hgtv realize that us senior adults rule the world now

    What were they thinking Paul james was the best they had going for them

    BRING HIM BACK!!!!! NOW!!!!!!

  66. Senior Adults? I’m 29 years old, and I watch his show every weekend. I usually have a line-up of car shows, Dream Car Garage, Two Guys Garage, Muscle Car, but then I always have This Old House and Paul James the Gardner Guy TiVo’ed as well. Which brings me to the question here… why is everyone saying that he’s gone? My TiVo / DVR records at least 2 episodes of his per week. At least one of them is new, and the other one is a re-run.

    Just curious… maybe you guys should get TiVos and stop relying on the old Readers Digest!

    Also, has anyone noticed that Paul James looks exactly like Ned Flanders from the Simpsons???

  67. Thank goodness that I am not the only one who is expressing frustration with H(G)TV. The gardening shows are so much more useful, (which I posted on the HGTV comment site – thanks for providing that link). Most of us who have a home are either not interested in flipping it, or just can’t afford to. In addition to that, there are just way to many shows about decorating. I just don’t get the value in watching show after show about the same topic. At least gardening teaches some science and thought process – and it’s affordable to whatever degree you can go!

  68. I agree with the comments about HGTV. I live in southern MO and Paul’s advice works well in this area. I also loved Rebecca’s Garden, Gardener’s Journal, Gardener’s Diary. I have no interest in fixing my house to sell, redoing rooms, etc. & that seems to be all they have anymore.Some of it is so rediculous I wouldn’t do it & that is true of the two garden type shows that are on now. Actually they do have Paul & Rebecca on at 6 AM on certain days on my station but that’s not a time when I can watch it. They used to be on Saturdays from about 9 to 2 which was times I wanted to be outside but I’d love to have them back at that time now!

  69. I have been so sorry about not being able to watch Paul James and Gardening By The Yard. I as a gardener I am often asked questions about gardening and I find that I use so much of what I learned on the show. I have reconmended the show countless times!
    Is there any hope of getting Garden By The Yard back?

  70. I just wanted to say that I don’t watch anywhere near the HGTV I used to before all the home “fix it up” shows showed up. Paul James was the best, but you can’t even find a gardening show on TV anymore. HGTV is losing viewers by the day. Bring Back Paul.

  71. Despite James’ goofy demeanor, I learned more from his Gardening by the Yard show than any other on HgTV (notice the G is no longer capitalized). Remember Gary Alan’s Designer’s Landscape? That was a good show, too.

    Unfortunately, HgTV is now nothing more than a bunch of prima donna designers and their really boring (and ugly) designs! I mean, have you seen the designs of Candace, Vern and David? Yuk!

    Yep – I have written HgTV – but sadly, I expect nothing will be done.

  72. I love Paul James’ show. He not only gives great information but also includes the rationale. The why we shoulds and what would happen if we do or don’t. Thank You so much. Vera, Joplin Missouri

  73. I, too, just sent off a rant to HTV, as I, too, came here looking for a way to reach Paul James. It great to see there are so many like-minded gardening (and Paul James)enthusiasts still around…you would think with the obvious lack of gardening programming available as of late, we were a dying breed.

  74. I,too, am very unhappy with the lack of gardening shows on HGTV. I am a novice gardener and love the info Paul James gave as well as suggestions on landscaping on the other shows. I really don’t care about decorating a house or room as cheaply as possible. I have enjoyed Candace Olson, but she does quality work. I would love to see the gardening shows come back and see more of Paul James and all the information he gave. I am very frustrated with not being able to notify HGTV directly … at least I couldn’t find a contact link.

  75. You did a show on august 10 and it included color schemes. GBY- 903 I think is the segment. I would like to be able to show my art class that segment. This would be great for them to see how thw color wheel is not only used in art but other areas as well. Is there a why I can get a copy of the show.
    Thank You,
    Karen Brown

  76. First of all THANK YOU for allowing us to inadvertantly use your GardenRant for a means to coagulate in our pustration. HA HA I made a funny and it sounded like Paul would have said it himself! I love Garden rant and I am happy that I found it.I totally agree with Jennifer Darnell on this fact: “Sexy legs aside, The Gardener Guy is one of the most informative shows on TV. ” You go girl stated very well indeed! I LOVE Paul James and his sons! I watch the show all of the time! I have learned so much from him.

  77. I agree with all of the above. HGTV is a real snooze. My saturdays were much more full filling watching gardening shows. And Paul James is my favorite! My husband use to find other things to do until one day he watched Paul with me. Now he doesn’t miss the show. It is a shame that good tv always is replaced by mindless, useless junk. Please bring back what really matters to your used to be loyal viewers, HGTV;Paul James the gardener guy! Do you think Paul knows he has so many fans?

  78. Based upon comments Paul made on his shows regarding planting for his zone and weather I believe Paul lives in Oklahoma. Don’t think it is Oklahoma City but somewhere within the state. Why have you forsaken us Paul?

  79. Yu’all are right-bring back the gardening shows and more Paul James; he’s my favorite! He’s informative, practical and funny along with his family and crew. He’s on so early here on Sundays that sometimes I go back to bed afterwards. Doesn’t HGTV know that baby boomers are the majority and have the bucks to buy from their sponsors-thats Business-101. Most of us aren’t re-doing our house every 5 minutes and enjoy gardening for fun and therapy. I find less and less to watch on H_TV.

  80. Every comment i read in this blog was exactly what I was thinking.Where have all the garden shows gone. I live in Louisiana so in the summer if you don’t get out in the garden early it gets to hot, so I am usually gardening when his show is on.I wish HGTV would listen and add some more gardening shows even PBS is lacking in that department.

  81. I think all the comments above are right on the mark. We need more of Paul, not less. For that matter we need more gardening, not less. I will be very upset if Paul doesn’t announce on the Rose Bowl Parade. He does a wonderful job and explains so much more than those people that just read a prepared script.


  83. I’m adding my disgust and complaints for HGTV’s reprograming, particularly of Paul James’ Gardening program. In the southeastern US it comes at the ungodly hour of 7:30 a.m., a time that interferes with a Sunday sleep-in of this household’s gardeners. I’m not overly pleased with some of the replacement programs either – too many makeovers of houses (a little of that goes a long, long way).

    Presumably if one is a million- aire, Ground Breakers would be of interest, but not many of us are, and the $s spent for those renovations are obscene.

    Please give us back Paul at a decent hour where one is awake and ready to hear his sage advice and goofy humor.

  84. I’m adding my disgust and complaints for HGTV’s reprograming, particularly of Paul James’ Gardening program. In the southeastern US it comes at the ungodly hour of 7:30 a.m., a time that interferes with a Sunday sleep-in of this household’s gardeners. I’m not overly pleased with some of the replacement programs either – too many makeovers of houses (a little of that goes a long, long way).

    Presumably if one is a millionaire, Ground Breakers would be of interest, but not many of us are, and the $s spent for those renovations are obscene.

    Please give us back Paul at a decent hour where one is awake and ready to hear his sage advice and goofy humor.

  85. Sadly, I fear that HGTV seems to only care about new homes and home renovation, and couldn’t care less about the G in HGTV.

  86. I am very disappointed that we don’t get “Gardening By The Yard” w/Paul James at a reasonable hour. I am a widow and have watched Paul’s show regularly since the death of my husband. He has given advice that is extremely important to me. I have found peace and comfort from his show and advice and enjoy his humor. I am not in a position to do all those home and yard makeovers, nor do I want to. Gardening By the Yard is for the ordinary person wanting to grow flowers and veggies and enjoy the results of their hard work.


  88. I, too, agree with everyone else. Paul James is the best and his show is indeed the greatest on the network. I’ve learned so much from him and have gotten great ideas for my garden. GBTY definitely deserves a better time slot on the network. I’ve written HGTV about this a few times. Let’s keep bombarding them with emails and maybe something will get done eventually. Long live Gardening by the Yard!


  90. Here’s the information you all want:

    Pay Dirt Productions
    (918) 746-3978
    5840 S Memorial Dr # 315.
    Tulsa, OK 74145-9060

  91. I am so sick of HGTV, someone here said they should drop the G, I agree…its nothing but junk on now. I complained to HGTV via thier email…now all of you need to also. Let’s get him on and all the other great GARDENING shows mentioned that used to be on. I rarely even watch HGTV anymore.

  92. The following is comment I sent to HGTV on Jan. 25, 2009.

    All the good gardening programming like “Gardening By The Yard” are disappearing or ridiculously scheduled at the crack of dawn. In place of them, there is more and more decorating or fluff programming. If I hear the word “POP” again I may have to throw a trowel at my TV. I will be watching other channels more. We need a new channel called RGTV or Real Gardening TV. By the way, I am tired of watching people with more money than brains, change their homes into Italian hotels with waterparks and overwhelming outdoor kitchens. That just doesn’t work for most of us. It’s a little interesting the first time but after that it just looks stupid to me. Also transforming a new house into something completely different is a waste of time and money and in the current economy it is almost offensive. If Mr. James has decided to retire or for some reason decided to reduce his association with HGTV, that’s one thing but if your current programming slant is what most people want, then you will lose viewers like me. I suppose that if sponsors pump in enough money, it won’t really matter what anyone wants to watch. You’ll be paid to entertain the people who still watch your new and updated version of yourself. So, this is as much a waste of my time as watching your channel.

  93. I agree 100%, I thought it was just me until I came across this blog. The few shows that are left concerning gardening are only suitable for zones 10-11 which is great if you live in this climate but what about the remaining 95% of the continental U.S.?

  94. Hi there! I live in South Fla. and my crotons are dying, they look like sticks.
    One neighbor told me they are “scales”. Can Mr james or anyone in this blog tell me how to treat that, without chemicals?
    Any response will be greatly appreciated.
    But time is of the essence, since the plants are looking worse every day and it’s spreading to others.
    Thanks again, desperate in South Fla.

  95. I am also unhappy about the misplaced Paul James the gardener guy! He has been thrown aside in the frenzy of flip that house or redo that wreck for as little as possible so you can scam the poor sucker that decides to purchase it for three times as much as it is worth. Paul James was loaded with valuable information that encouraged us to get out into those yards and improve our environments. Involving his own family also stirred the interest of the children who watched. Now that our housing industry has crashed maybe HGTV will acknowledge the need for someone like paul james the gardner guy who very well could be a savior to our society in that he can teach people how to grow their own food so they can survive in hard economic times as our families suvived in the last depression. HGTV had better get with the program!!!

  96. ware is paul james? once on sunday thats the best you got. with people loosing there houses these day’s and job’s why are you showing home redo’s that cost several thousand dollars. With Paul James thay can do the simple things in there yard that cost little and get away from there problem’s. Try bringing back the “G” in HGTV. more people will watch.

  97. Ok, I did what I felt needed to be done. Here’s my complaint that I sent in to HGTV.

    “I can not believe that you are discontinuing Paul James’ show. I have watched him since I was 18 and I am now 35 so I don’t understand your reasoning. He also caught the attention of spouses and significant others who really didn’t care for other gardening shows. With the recent move to “going green” I would think now is the best time for his show to take off. He’s always mentioned green options in his shows. I agree you need to drop the G, HGTV, it doesn’t belong there anymore. I admit I had been watching the real estate shows, but no more, mainly because I have pretty much seen them all… multiple times!! I’m sick of them. I was only watching them patiently waiting for Paul James to return. You moved Paul to a horrible time slot a long time ago. Why put him where most gardeners are outside working in their gardens? Evening would be best don’t you think? It would be a treat for gardeners to finish a hard day’s work relaxing on the sofa watching Paul James. I never thought there would be a day I stopped watching HGTV, but I was wrong. Paul is my idol, my inspiration, and the reason I decided to major in horticulture. His shows are very educational. You are making a huge mistake by not renewing his contract! Perhaps it’s for the best. I expect great things from him in the future. Make your own gardening network Paul! Then we’ll see whose watching HGTV!”

    Sharon in Tulsa, OK (hometown of Paul James)

  98. ok paul the gardner guy..I certainly do miss you in the garden. I really don’t need to buy an overpriced house, build stupidly over-priced house redo’s. I need to know how to keep and add on to my outdoor gardens. My own happy curb appeal. Plus I so enjoyed your humor and your simple way of explaining to us simple folk how to do things and why somethings don’t work. I can’t say that I watch too much of HGTV any more. What happened to the G in HGTV. I for one miss you Paul.

  99. I need Paul James. I can not find any info on trees. I need to know if River Birch trees are good in ice storms and strong winds. I do not like and do not watch Hgtv any more except for Paul James.

  100. I’m with all of you. I quit watching HGTV when they took the “G” out. I DVR Paul James. I love him and have learned so much from him. You can email and complain to HTV until the cows come home. They don’t care. I know. I tried several times. There
    is a movement to contact their sponsers. It’s April 13th and the details are on the
    HGTV garden message board. It’s started by JoyB. She has a link to all the sponsers. Maybe it will work.

  101. river birch does not hold up very well in really bad ice storms.We just had the worst ice storm in louisvilles history the silver maples took a big hit and the birch got it bad also along with very high winds before the ice storm,so we had a bad year.But how often do this happen? barb

  102. THANK YOU ALL! I am so happy that I am not the only one who misses Paul James. I thought it was just because I am in the mountains! After not being able to find the show any more I actually DISCONTINUED MY TV SATELLITE. I was surprised to see that I was not the only one who’s favorite shows were Gardening by the Yard and Monk. So, now I have antenna tv and my memories. It is too bad that PBS doesn’t pick up Paul James to replace the lame evolution of the Victory Garden. Maybe some day James will wise up and go out on his own!

  103. Please return Paul James !!! I no longer enjoy H”G” TV…I was obsessed w/this channel..I would do my house-work while watching the programs & stop w/a cup of coffee…..It’s no longer my favorite channel….

  104. ok. Carol Duvall —-is gone.

    Rebecca’s Garden —- is gone.

    Paul James —- just about gone.

    What is the matter with quality?

  105. I have recently written a letter to HGTV requesting that they not cancel Gardening By the Yard (GBTY) hosted by Paul James. I am urging everyone to contact many of HGTV’s sponsors, i.e. Home Depot, Lowes, Monrovia, Color Spot, and other advertisers on HGTV and request that they intervene and help stop GBTY’s cancellation.

    By contacting the sponsors you can be sure that our voices will be heard.

  106. I need to know how deep the soil needs to be for grass to grow. Here is why I ask: I have a septic tank lid in the middle of the yard that I want to put a ring around it and plant grass in it to blend into the rest yard, but to be able to pull it out / off when my septic tank needs to be cleaned every 3 years. I hate seeing that plastic thing in the yard. They make it green to blend in with my lawn, buy it just doesn’t have that nice grassy appeal. So how deep do I need to make that ring so my septic tank access port blends in with the rest of my beautiful lawn? Got any ideas? In addition to myself, my customer would be appreciative too. Can you help me Paul?

    mucho grassious,
    PS: I do realize that I will have to have the manhole cut down to adjust to the soil depth needed. The lids are 24″ to 27″ diameter.

  107. I am really excited! On TODAYS episode of Gardening By the Yard….a BRAND NEW a one titled “Storybook Gardnen & tropical theme garden” …Our Hero Paul James Showed off his sexy bare feet on camera. It was near the end of the episode and Paul very sneakily put his big feet in the camera, soles in full view, laying on a couch with his toes looking huge. What a treat!

    This is the first time Paul has showed off his big sexy feet in a very long time. I guess he knows his foot fans really missed seeing his big sexy feet on the shows. I know he has stopped taping but hopefully his last episodes will have more of his soles in camera, wiggling and flexing his toes with lots of wrinkles on his feet. He is awesome!! Way to go Paul!!

  108. i have been a fan of paul james since hgtv started, i am sick ofthe yuppy lot they portray.give us back paul, rebeka, maureen gillmore, and the other MASTER GARDENER! THAT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.

  109. How can we reach Mr. Paul James? I miss Gardening By The Yard!! I’ve sent several inquiries to hgtv over the last year-asking why I cannot find my favorite show-no reply. what can i do to help get Paul James leading us in fall yard prep? Its late September 09. Thanks! just found your blog site.-mary, cinti Ohio

  110. I just read an article by Paul James himself in this month’s Fine Gardening magazine . He said no new episodes will be made and that he was ready to move on to something else. I will really miss his show. And I miss Gardener’s Dairy and that Canadian garden show from a few years back. Some actual plant experts that are not just back yard makeover reality shows!

  111. I too have joined the list of contacting “htv” about the lack of gardening show and the loss of the Gardening Guy……Truly they need to remember the reason for home and garden tv.

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