Hottest GardenRants of 2006

  • Naturally any rant about leaf-blowers is bound to provoke collective outcry from readers and this one didn’t disappoint.  It’s called Let’s All Go Hollywood
  • Hoping to milk those leaf-blower passions, we asked Christopher C. if he had anything to add in defense of landscape workers
    and boy, did he.  The extraordinary comments included a defense of
    plumbers and somehow, the maligning and defending of Master Gardeners.
    Lively?  You could say.  Check out Who’s Getting Blown Off Here? 

5th HOTTEST (20 comments)

  • My mere mention of the now-infamous Garden Guy: Will Work for Heteros Only brought
    outpourings of outrage and some speculation about the guy’s real
    motives.  Don’t miss Christopher’s howler of a comment about "homa sex

4th HOTTEST (22 comments)

3rd HOTTEST (27 comments)   

  • In Top Ten Reasons Why I Hate Houseplants,
    Amy outed herself as a houseplant-hater and Michele and I immediately
    joined her in that camp.  Subject closed?  Hah! Who could have
    predicted the passions that are stirred by little plants in pots?

2nd HOTTEST (29 comments)

  • In The Myth of Planning Michele got a lot
    off her chest, beginning with a quote by Donald Rumsfeld, followed by
    her defense of "whims" and the assertion that there’s "no substitute
    for the actual experience of your terroir."  Christopher explained that
    it’s all part of the "palpable antagonism between some avid and newbie
    gardeners and landscape designers."  Oh, yeah, and we were palpating,

And the NUMBER 1 HOTTEST GARDENRANT OF 2006, with 33 comments is – drumroll, please:

  • Stars and Stripes Run Amok, in which Elizabeth Licata revealed that she’d OD’d on theYearend3 American flag
    as a garden ornament, especially after receiving emails "urging – nay,
    demanding – that I display a flag."  Trey weighed in on giant
    inflatables and the Halloween craze.  Jane from Scotland, where "the
    flag thing doesn’t really apply," asked innocently:  "What are the
    flags to signify?"  Then we learned that many native Hawaiians fly the
    state flag upside down as a sign of distress.  Robert&Michael
    recalled a "big honkin’ ass Lincoln" driving by with two tattered flags
    a’waving.  And it turns out we have sticklers for proper flag treatment
    in our crowd of rabble-rowsers – who knew? 

Congratulations, winners.  You can pick up your complimentary GardenRant T-shirt on the way out.

* * * *

Now some closing words before signing off for the year – our Thank-you’s.

  • To our readers, especially the ones who leave comments.  You’re
    awesome.  We love your passion, your insights into the meaty issues of
    the day, and your civility toward us and each other.
  • To our guest bloggers for your generosity, and of course for
    your talents as writers and ranters.  (Did you notice that 4 of our
    top posts of 2006 were authored by guests?)  We GET that it takes a
    village to create a great site, and you guys are amazing villagers.
    Keep those rants coming!
  • To guest photographer Sandy Saunders for helping to brighten our ever-changing sidebar.
  • Finally, taking advantage of my role as scribe here, a big
    thank-you and virtual hug to my partners in crime, Amy and Michele.
    Ladies, blogging with you has been the most fun I’ve ever had with my
    clothes on. 

Happy New Year from GardenRant!


  1. I have a question that I’ve been unable to find an answer. A friend suggested we try composting with worms with a plastic garbage can, drilled with holes. We now have two full cans. How do I havest the worm castings without worms? Will the worms live in dirt after continuous feasting in a worm bin?

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