Blogging with the Washington Post


Some highlights of the evening: 

  • There was an excellent talk and Q&A by a libel and copyright lawyer,
    who told us we could lose our life savings, so we should get serious
    about the law.  I learned I should stop using photos from newspapers,
    even with attribution.  The has a form to use to ask
    permission, see, and they expect people to use it.  Quoting from
    articles is fine, even lifting a graph from a story, but reproducing
    the whole story is a no-no. (Photos are regarded as complete works, so
    using them is like lifting a whole story.)  An audience member
    recommended Electronic Frontier Foundation as a great source of legal info for bloggers.
  • The Post’s upcoming Directory of Local Blogs was announced – there’s a screenshot photo here.
    Great idea for newspapers, doncha think?  It’s bound to drive a lot of
    traffic to their sites.  They’re even working on ways to funnel
    click-based advertising income to the blogs they list. 
  • Technorati was mentioned often as a cool service that
    sends traffic to blogs that link to Post stories.  Have you noticed
    this appearing on more and more newspaper sites?  After each story
    there’s "Who’s blogging about this story?" with a list of links.  (But
    I link to them all the time and usually don’t get listed – is it
    something I said??)

More blogging news from the Post’s Business Section:

  • Good news – bloggers have been granted press credentials by the U.S. District Court for D.C. to cover the Scooter Libby trial.
  • An update on how blogs generate income.


  1. This is a timely topic. I posted earlier this morning on my blog about how I found out that some (a lot) of my blog content had been stolen by a “spam blog”. I’ve gotten that blog shut down. One has to stay vigilent, both to keep your own blog legal and keep from getting ripped off.

  2. Thanks for the useful legal info. I always wondered about posting photos, so only post my own or photos that are very very old, such as books whose copyright ran out ages ago. The rest of the time I use links instead of re-posting the photos. I hope that is safe. I wondered about re-posting your manifesto, but even decided against that.

  3. Yes, there is such a thing as copyright, and there is such a thing as copyright infringment.

    Oddly, many bloggers seem to think that these long-acknowledged restrictions somehow do not apply to them. Thus, we often see complete articles on blogs.

    As a longtime working journaliist, I have never understood this. I only post excerpts and links, and I advise my fellow bloggers to do the same.

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