Chairsf_1Gardening-deprived readers of the Northern Hemisphere desperately need an outlet for their pent-up passions and our newest GardenRanter clearly knows how to provide one.  First Elizabeth blasted the painting of garden furniture in an otherwise profoundly wise post about silly gardening advice.  Then immediately after that was posted, our buddy Doug Green jumped into the fray with a lusty defense of painted furniture on his own blog.  It soon turned into a free-for-all, with more readers who couldn’t resist a good fight.  It was all very civilized, of course, coz we’re gardeners, not the tank-topped adulterers of daytime TV.

But no one’s ever mistaken us for saints, so in the spirit of the Jerry Springer Show, we’re milking the fueding and unleashed passions for all they’re worth.  (Okay, maybe it’s more of Wall1_1_1an audience brawl than strictly a girl fight but like Jerry, we love an eye-catching post title.)

So first I here’s my homage to the Adirondack chair and the painting thereof – exactly the piece of furniture that was so badly maligned (no hard feelings – love ya, E!).  Notice the lovely teal color?  I’m telling ya it goes with everything.  Next, because apparently I can never have too much paint in my garden or my life, here’s the lower back wall of my house, the drab and dreary under-deck zone.  Well, drab no more, folks.  And here’s lots more examples.  Silly advice is one thing but silly wall creatures I totally can’t resist.


  1. Any blog which generates 15 comments is a GREAT one…even though I am a sucker for garden ornaments and still lamenting the loss of the pink plastic flamingo manufacturer! Painted lawn furniture, kitschy ornaments and statuary all put one’s individual stamp on one’s garden. Someone is buying those gnomes!

  2. We gardeners definitely don’t have any shortage of opinions, do we? My whole take on this painting/garden ornament thing is that anything that makes you happy is worth having in your garden. Some of us long for the simplicity of a quiet woodland garden, and others love a riot of color, both in flowers and furniture. And, I at least, just will see something and HAVE to have it. The teal chairs or fuschia bench may not impress the nieghbors, necessarily, but if we gardened for them, we’d all have straight, sad rows of annuals in our gardens and be done with it, since most people don’t “get” real gardening. Actually, now that I’m looking out at my garden, I’m thinking that I need a pop of red in there somewhere….

  3. Don’t worry about me. I retract nothing and can take far more abuse than this. In the Buffalo blogosphere contentious posts on preservation, development, and so on routinely have 100+ comments, many of them quite vicious.

    Indeed, I find this gentle gardening clan to be a welcome respite.

    HOWEVER. I did NOT blast the painting of garden furniture as such. I blasted the notion that it could be painted to match flower colors. I thought this silly and still do.
    Nor did I condemn even having garden furniture, as some seemed to think.

    I have furniture. It is wrought iron and powder coated in a dark green I fully expect to last the millenium.

    Though those teal chairs are nice. Unfortunately, they would overpower my space.

  4. Oh, Elizabeth, you’re being a very good sport as the debate takes off on a tangent. I’m jumping in with a defense of accessories and color at Digging. -Pam

  5. Ha! I think I am going to buy the gaudiest geraniums I can find this spring, then COLOR match them at the paint store and paint a bench to match.

    (Y’all got to go see Pam/Digging’s post for some great color in the garden. It is almost blinding to those of us who have only winter color right now, but in a good way!)

  6. “I blasted the notion that it could be painted to match flower colors.”

    I got this from your original post too, and I agree. I thought the suggested colors were absurd. A red picnic table *and* hot pink shrubs? Nothing like a little color-wheel competition there.

    And hey, what happens if whatever it is doesn’t bloom that year, or gets a disease? Run out and buy another color of paint?

    Susan’s Adirondack chairs look great because they’re not a flower color, IMO. It’s a peaceful, soothing shade that invites you to sit down and enjoy the vibrant colors around them.

    As for Michele’s shed, the next color-coordinated crop of blue veggies you grow, I want to see ’em. 😉

  7. Sally here, from Dirt Divas Gardening at Blogspot.

    I think the use of extreem color in the garden in great – if used to your liking . If you like those flimingos, then use them! I love bright, fire engine red. I don’t ware it, but it’s been my favorite color as long as I can remember. So where do I use it? In the gardne, of course. There are 8 lamp posts in the main garden, all painted – you guessed it – bright red! Love them. There are a cheer in the snow and a warm contrast to the green in the summer. They make me feel all warm and happy. Also use bits of red fence here and there. Have a few pictures posted, but may be inspired to do a blog on the color thing. Good stuff. Thanks!

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