Help us Welcome our New GardenRanter


And you already know her – it’s Elizabeth Licata of Gardening While Intoxicated, author of ourElizhouse_1 Hottest Rant of 2006.  We invited her to join us because we love her writing and her nose for a good story; plus we’re impressed as hell by the important work she’s doing there in Buffalo to spread the gospel of gardening.  And I hasten to add that in her three guest appearances here she was a pleasure to work with – and that’s a big deal.

Now because the writers here at GardenRant have total freedom – no editorial meetings, no advance notice, no nuthin’ – we choose our partners carefully, thenEliz sit back and read what they have to say, like everybody else. 

And the timing of Elizabeth’s arrival here couldn’t be better for us, what with Amy all crazy-busy doing a whirl-wind publicity tour for Flower Confidential

So we welcome Elizabeth to our rowdy site – starting tomorrow – and thank her for her contributions, past and future.

To learn more about Elizabeth, check out her About page.


  1. I look at having our Elizabeth Licata write for Garden Rant as another coup for the promoting of gardens and gardeners in Buffalo (and urban gardeners in general!). Congratulations Elizabeth.

    Hope the pay is good.

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