What Surfers have to say about Gardening


Stepintoliquid3_1With the new year came some excitement on the home front.  Netflix‘s new $4.95/month deal casts a wide enough net to snag even me, the most regular of movie-goers, and my very first Netflix movie  was the surfing documentary "Step into Liquid."  Called "insanely gorgeous" by the NY Times and "spiritual" by the NY Daily News, this film about people obsessed with surfing yields some great quotes about life.  My favorites: 

Q: Who’s the best surfer in the world?
A: The best surfer in the world is the one who’s having the most fun.

"Surfing is the ultimate spontaneous involvement in a natural medium.

"A 60-something surfer is asked what exactly IS the thrill?  Is it the water, or what?  His answer: "The ride itself is so bitchin!"

Another surfing veteran says: "After all these years, I’m still stoked."

A world champion (and bronze GOD) tosses off that it’s all about the journey – it’s about enjoying nature, getting wet, and riding waves.

And finally, "It’s really about pursuing passion."Stepintoliquid8

Just hearing that, and watching mind-blowing scenes of these superb athletes (of all ages) connecting with the ocean in such an exhilerating way, surely stirs the passions of any viewer, especially one who’s passionate about something, anything, even gardening.  And though the film shows us world-class surfers, it also highlights passionate adherents who look more like weekend bowlers and suffer the frustrations of trying to hang ten in the waters off Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  So just like gardenblogs here on the Internets, it’s about the passion, man.

One more thing.  When you rent this movie (and surely you will) don’t drop it into the easy-return envelope until you’ve watched the extra about how it was filmed.  Just imagine being on these same waves but with a camera.  There are a few more photos here – too few.


  1. I guess you have all been waiting patiently for the dude from Hawaii to say something awesome about surfing.

    There are big ass Tiger Sharks in the water here and they chomp on people on a regular basis. I do not won’t to go out as fish food.

  2. Meanwhile I have been chomping at the bit to tell you about a movie that has nothing to do with gardening at all.

    But if you want to watch a really amazing story, I suggest renting Touching the Void.

  3. I saw this film on a rare 95 degree day in San Francisco when I was 7 months pregnant. We went from steamy ocean beach, to a cool theater and floated away into the dream. Thanks for bringing back the memories. I’ll have to rent it again.

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