The Gardens of the Blue Ridge Mountains


Okay, this isn’t really about gardening but it’s about plants and nature and that’s close enough.  I’mBlueridge2 just passing on a link to the Blue Ridge Blog (and thanks to Garden Voices for discovering it).  It’s a cool blog that’s wonderfully written and documents a life that, while full-bodied and interesting, is thoroughly off my own radar and that of the mainstream media.  Boone, North Carolina?  Never heard of it. 

But I’ll keep coming back to this site for the wit, wisdom and photographs of Marie Freeman.  I recommend particularly her Blue Ridge Scenery.  ThenBlueridge5_1 notice that her long list of categories includes "Coldest Beer in America" and "Crap".  Yeah, I had to settle in for some serious surfing.

Full disclosure: I grew up in Central Virginia, enjoyed a family retreat near Charlottesville that overlooked the Blue Ridge Mountains, and still have cousins all over the damn hills, so these photos just evoke like crazy for me.  In fact, this photo is exactly what we saw from my Daddy’s little mountainside A-frame.


  1. Susan, I discovered Marie’s blog through Garden Voices, too, and that photo of the fog and mountains absolutely caught my eye. I went to college in the Shenandoah Valley, so I really miss those mountains… Anyway, I second your recommendation!

  2. The Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and northern Georgia were my family’s day-trip getaway of choice when I was growing up in S.C. I remember Boone, as well as Asheville, Chimney Rock, Table Rock, Sliding Rock, and Highlands. Beautiful scenery, tacky Indian gift shops, cool weather, awesome hiking. If you haven’t been, go!

  3. Boone wasn’t were I thought it was because I was confusing it with Cherokee NC, but I am pretty sure I have been there too. If there was a “Rock” nearby we went to look at it.

    Boone is about two hours north of the epicenter of my future, Clyde NC where there is no beer in America.

  4. Just gorgeous! We don’t have anything even close to mountains in Michigan. Beautiful.

    Hey, I wanted to let you Garden Ranters know that I nominated the ‘Rant for a Bloggie for the best group blog category. You guys are awesome 🙂

  5. I’ve long admired the Blue Ridge Blog, having also found it through Garden Voices. I am glad you highlighted it. The photography is stunning!

  6. My family is all from Charlottesville, and I grew up there – those photos remind me of home too. I came across their site awhile back – the images are just beautiful.

  7. We rent a cabin near Boone for two weeks every fall and do lots of hiking. It’s beautiful. I’m glad to see the Blue Ridge Blog get more notice!

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