A GardenRant Meet-Up


After a year of scheming via email and only one phone call, I finally met GardenRant’s illustriousAmysusan300 instigator, Ms. Amy Stewart.  In D.C. to promote Flower Confidential, Amy wowed ’em wherever she went – the flower-craving crowds at the U.S. Botanic Gardens and Four Seasons Garden Club, book-buyers at Olsson’s, and Diane Rehm’s listeners.  No, I didn’t stalk her to all her events, but judging from the two I did attend, she’s quite the crowd-pleaser.  And totally cute, as you can see here.  Also model thin, as you can also see.

But anybody with a shred of motherly instinct would fret over this unlucky Californian forced to travel the frozen north in February with that lightweight spring wrap of hers.  So to the good people at Algonquin – no more winter book releases!

Here’s a companion post that includes Kathy Jentz, editor of Washington Gardener Magazine.


  1. When you said you finally met Amy I had to take a second look. I just assumed that you all at Garden Rant had met before, and I was a bit surprised at myself for having made that assumption. It says something about your blog as well as blogging in general. You can create communities that exist solely in cyberspace that are as real as the one’s in the physical world.

    I will purchase Flower Confidential. I ‘m interested in the floriculture industry has it has a lot in common with the Nursery business, especially on the independent side where small florists and small garden centers face the same marketing challenges, competition from box stores with plants and grocery stores with flowers.

  2. Trey, interesting observation. It surprises me, too, this ability to co-create long distance. I’ve never met Michele or Elizabeth, either, but hope someday we can arrange a four-way, with photos to prove it.

  3. And I would like that to happen this summer, at Garden Walk Buffalo.

    Might be difficult for Amy though. We hope to bring her to Buffalo for the book sometime.

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