Landscape by Jude Law


We’ve been anticipating "Breaking and Entering," with Jude Law’s performance as a gardener (well, landscape architect, close enough for our purposes), and I can finally report that:

  • It’s Jude Law.  Isn’t that enough?  Actually, it’s also Anthony Minghella (English PatieBe_1nt, Cold Mountain), Robin Wright Penn, an amazing Juliette Binoche and some terrific supporting actors.
  • Jude’s firm, called Green Effects, isn’t about gardening at all or as he says, "It’s not about grass," but urban renewal.  Described as the "built landscape as art," it’s reflecting pools and waterways that soften the industrial spaces of London’s gritty King’s Cross neighborhood.
  • The reviews have been mixed, to put it kindly, and I don’t get it coz this movie had me at the opening credits.  Maybe it’s because, as one reviewer noted, it’s a "genteel ‘Crash’ for concerned liberals"?  Exactly; that’s why I thought it was so good.   


  1. I heartedly concur! I must have been climbing Mt. Everest at the time of it’s release. (only kidding!)

    I’m planning to eventually return to studies in landscape architecture, and thought I was pretty up on what’s going on in the profession – but a movie? A thriller?

    What would Frederick Law Olmsted think? Lord knows his life could be made into a film, but no one’s had the guts to do do it! Who would want to see a movie about a guy who failed at everything he ever tried, until he entered the contest for the design of Central Park, founded a profession, and finally died senile in a mental institution? Real pick-me-up!

    Hmmm…Jude Law. Poster boy for landscape architecture? Quite possible.

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