Welcome, Dallas Readers


Mariana Greene, garden writer for the Dallas Morning News (one of the top five newspapers in theMariana U.S.) doesn’t just say nice things about Flower Confidential; she also writes that she first discovered Amy right here on GardenRant and is a regular reader.   And in the seventh paragraph – my favorite part – she lists the other Ranters by name, city and state.  Nice!

Then there was this revelation:  She has a rant inside her just waiting for the right venue and wonders if GardenRant might invite her to do a guest post.  Consider it done!  Yes, she’s been formally invited to join our unruly bunch and will be making her debut appearance here soon.

One more note.  In describing this site Mariana wrote that we "chime in on just about anything even remotely related to gardening."  Yeah, our definition of "gardening" casts a pretty wide net and as the culprit who recently wrote about a surfing movie (and what surfers supposedly have to say about gardening), guilty as charged.       

Here’s the link.


  1. What a great article about Flower Confidential by Mariana Greene and how nice that she also mentioned all the contributors to GardenRant of which she is a fan. Well done, team!

    Being Dutch I also liked Amy’s take on Dutch trendsetting bouquets. If anyone is interested in seeing some of these bouquets, there are some photos of those “harbingers of trends” on my blog today.

  2. Don’t get me wrong–I enjoy your blog and recommend it to others all the time but I and others are beginning to wonder if the vast majority of your future blogs are going to be about promoting “Flower Confidential”? I hope to read Amy’s book but you are sounding more and more like a publicist which is not what attracted me to your site in the first place. Sorry to be a wet blanket but I had to say something.

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