Trees for Troops


FedextrailerI’m a sucker for a good public relations gimmick and here’s one I especially like.  This past Christmas the National Christmas Tree Association and FedEx delivered 12,000 trees to 25 military bases, including those in Afghanistan, South Korea, and Qatar, the U.S.’s shipping gateway to the Middle East.  Details here.

Leljeune_1These pictures may make the case for this smart industry program – and really, it IS smart – but to me, they’re so sad.  Am I veering dangerously off-topic to admit that I can’t think of these trees without wanting to go rescue the people they’re intended to cheer up and delivering them back to their families??


  1. Caught your post from GardenVoices and just had to come and comment. It was good smart advertising, and in the military world, word gets around fast. There are huge amounts of stores in the past few years that will also give out military discounts and all you have to do is ask. They don’t publish this sometimes, but whip out that military id and pay for something and that will usually get you 20% off. (If they don’t offer it to you, then just ask.)
    God bless our troops and get them home fast!(thanks for posting about the troops)

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