TypePad Book of the Month


Our good friends at TypePad have chosen Flower Confidential as their Book of the Month.  Each month, they feature a different book written by an author who blogs on TypePad; you can see other recent picks here.

We’ve found TypePad to be surprisingly easy to use and even easier to customize. It’s also easy to import an existing blog into TypePad. So if you’re thinking about making the leap, now’s your chance:  there’s a free copy of Flower Confidential waiting for you.  Act fast–supplies are limited!

Message from Susan – Don’t miss their interview with Amy, including these thoughts on the joys of blogging:

As a writer with something to get off her chest, it’s a great place to do the kind of writing I can’t do anywhere else. I can rant and stamp my feet and get political and swoon and fall in love. I can post crazy pictues. I can veer dangerously off-topic. It’s very freeing.


  1. I am already thinking about switching from blogger to typepad – though as I’m UK based there is no free book (I have it pre-ordered anyway).
    What are the pros and cons?

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