Who’s Your Daddy?


Unfortunately, the "embed" function has been disabled on this video, so you’re going to have to head right over to YouTube to watch these two amorous ladybugs get it on.

What I love about this video is not so much the ladybug love itself–we’ve all seen it, and come on, you know you stop to watch–no, what I really love is the fact that the video has been viewed over 1.3 million times.  Now THAT gives me hope.


  1. Hey, I don’t know what kind of phalluses you guys are toting out in the Pacific but that rock looks nothing like the phalluses I’ve ever ever seen, known or loved.

    Politics, now sex. Who says gardening’s just a hobby?

  2. They are “lady” bugs right ?
    Does this make this a lesbian video ?
    Perhaps that is why it is view as much as it is ?
    You know how guys love that homo erotica action.

    Well as the narrator enthusiastically exclaims,
    ” Work it , work it good ! “, I agree.

    We shouldn’t be so frigidly wound up over such common acts of nature.
    It’s bad enough when one is sent a “WARNING LETTER OF INAPPORPRIATE POSTING LANGUAGE ” , from such Christian biassed gardening sites as DAVES GARDEN for merely mentioning the words ” Full Monty” and ” Dominatrix” .
    (who would have thought the the term Full Monty was a X rated explicit term worthy of membership suspension ? )
    And don’t even get me started about using the word ‘queer’ at DAVE’S GARDEN.
    It too is considered too sexually racy, even when used to describe something as odd and unusual.

    So you go you little spirited Lady bugs. You work it, work it good !

    We’re watching.

  3. Is Mr. Debunker suggesting that fruits in Hawaii are devoid of intelligent design? Packaging for a long shelf life in a hot tropical climate is pretty smart. I don’t think he knows that neither the Pineapple or the Coconut are native Hawaiian fruits.

    Susan just think of that as a stylized phallic image. You have to work with what nature gives you.

  4. Now we’ve got religion along with politics, sex and gardening! LOL at the videos, all of them! Let’s have a video of Hilary talking politics while gardening…guess we should leave sex out of that one!!!

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